Mob Swarm Worms

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    Swarm Worms

    Habitat: Living underground for they hate the light. They live in huge colonies in the dirt and sometimes in caves. They live in swarms of 100,000-10,000,000 worms
    Size: They range from a normal worm to 1-2 feet long. The longest worm (Queen) is about 3-4 feet long. She reproduces very fast.
    Movement: They move very fast in the dark. They can quickly swarm around prey. However, light will stop them. In some cases, if they get too close, they will continue swarming despite light.

    Diet: They are carnivorous, will eat ANY meat because their digestive systems are very strong and contain acid that is so strong it could burn through almost anything. In some extreme cases, they have eaten others of their colony.

    Danger Level and how to avoid/kill : I would say, they could take down humans pretty quickly even if the humans had guns. They usually will swarm over you, and carry you back to their colony, where they coil around you and eventually digest you. If you see even one, it is suggested that you turn on a light (any light). Usually that one, will be close to its colony and will spot you and call its colony over. After you have turned on the light, make a run for the nearest exit to the cave. They may follow you out if it is nighttime. That is why you must have a light. Shine it ALL around you, because they will try to sneak around the light and when you turn around, its too late. To kill them, the only effective way is with a flamethrower or a firebomb, as the fire can spread and burn all of them.

    Appearance: big worms, pretty much, but if you inspect closer( strongly suggest against, unless inspecting a dead one) you will notice small needles sticking out everywhere. Imagine a headless snake, without the gore, small spikes sticking out everywhere.


    Poison Liquid(hard to extract): Deadly, and can be put in bullets. The poison is like acid, it burns everything and spreads through the entire system in minutes. Can be also used for potions.

    Worm Blood(hard to extract): Cures most poisons if used properly.

    USES: Live ones can be put in traps, just feed them a lil meat everyday. Can also be chrystallized and sold for decor.

    Thanks for reading!

    Please give me some feedback by liking or commenting with constructive criticism or commenting on how good it is =D
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    It seem to be similar to worm ball mob I suggested here.

    can you please attach some sketches of them?
  3. BluPixelz

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    Wow, your idea is pretty cool, except im more of making them like the army ants of real life. PS: i have no artistic talent so i cant make my own images:(

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