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  1. Leviiathan

    Leviiathan Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    First off, I would just like to mention that if this idea has already been brought up by a fellow forum user, then I will try to link their thread in as well. And if the developers have already made this and introduced it into the game, then sorry and hooray! Secondly, for the sake of this idea, I have based my design on an insect type creature, such as a cricket or a locust. I have also based it on being a Grounded creature, capable of minor flight and gliding, but this can apply for a creature with major flying capabilities, or another type of creature, such as a bird, or something like a rabbit.

    The Grounded Swarm is a concept for a mob Star-bound. The idea is that the Swarm consists of multiple entities inside the Swarm, that have built up to produce some sort of hive mind between them.

    Drops / Loot:
    The loot dropped by the 'Swarm' is variable to how the swarm is structured and the many factors that can consist inside the swarm. (i.e. The stronger the average of each collective swarm, the stronger and better the loot may be.)
    The loot would drop only after the last creature in the swarm has been killed, and after the final creature of the swarm has been slain, the loot would disperse from its location of death, like most other mobs.

    Environment / Habitat:
    The environment / Habitat of the swarm can also vary from the anatomy of the creatures inside the swarm. But for the purpose of this thread, we shall stick with a locust idea. The Swarm would be mainly found in Jungle and Grassland biomes, but can be found in other more exotic biomes and planets. The swarm would also be found in more humid climates, as it is the nature of these types of creatures. There is no planet, biome or time specification to the swarm, only more likely spawn chances in select planets, biomes and times. The swarm would be more effective in jungle climates at noon.

    The swarm would move by primarily hopping, so to speak, but may also use their wings to gain flying and gliding capabilities to chase a fleeing target. The hopping would be unsynchronised and slightly random in each interval after a jump. The swarm movement would have a slight delay after each jump as well.

    Spawn Rate / Spawn Conditions:
    The swarm is more likely to spawn in humid, jungle climates. They are also more likely to spawn if the 'Pheromone' debuff is in play. (Which I will be going into more detail about later.) The swarm should be a somewhat uncommon to come across, for both the nature of the swarm and player alike.

    Each individual creature in the swarm would have low health and low damage, but the damage can mount up if not properly dealt with. The swarm deals physical damage, so has no mana or energy usage.

    Attack / Damage:
    The swarm creatures attack via Melee. The damage of each creature in the swarm is low, but can add up in a large group. The swarm deals physical damage, so has no mana or energy usage. There should be a noticeable delay in between attacks from each creature, but they all attack at different times. The mobs attacks are like a downward swiping motion, like it has claws or sharp fore-arms. The swarm may inflict the 'Pheromone' debuff. What this does is it essentially slightly increases the likely hood of another creature or whole swarm spawning, as the swarm is attracted to the pheromones released on the player.

    Unfortunately I am unable to bring forth a visual aid as what the individual creature or the swarm itself would look like in the style of Starbound, but I shall update this thread as soon as I have images of the Creatures, Swarm or Loot dropped by the Swarm, but I am currently working on producing pictures of my idea and placing them into the thread. (Sorry, :c ) (Think of what a locust and its swarm may look like for now though.)

    I hope you have enjoyed my idea and like the concept I have brought forth. Please leave any comments you have about my idea, both positive and constructive, and feel free to answer the poll about my idea. Thank You.
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  2. Leviiathan

    Leviiathan Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I accidently pressed enter before I finished the poll, so hopefully I should have a poll thread up soon, (if it not against the rules!) or you could leave a comment with the answer.
    Perhaps if there were some tweaking. Please leave an improvement to help me out, :)
    Not sure.
  3. Jonesy

    Jonesy Sarif's Attack Kangaroo Forum Moderator

    I'll add the rest of the options for you.
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  4. Leviiathan

    Leviiathan Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Thank you that would be great!
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  5. Annoctatio

    Annoctatio Pangalactic Porcupine

    I am not sure if I understood your suggestion correctly.

    You're asking for a swarm of different insects dwell around on planets with jungles or grasslands. These swarms have lots of really weak, low damage enemies. However they are to be treated with care since if you get caught by twenty of them, that two hit-points consuming attack quickly drains forty health due to their quick attack speed and the number of enemies.

    If that is what you are suggesting then I AM ALL IN. George Romero zombies are not scary because they're strong, durable or intelligent. They're scary because there's a f'ing ton of them.

    This swarm could cause a lot of tension and panic, especially in some narrow corners where you have little space to evade or dodge their attacks.
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