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    So this is the idea I am going to pitch, what if certain species migrated to one large area to make. With this idea you can have a back bone of basic human-animal interaction. Some things may be.

    Baby Animals
    • This may seem like a DUH! But large dangerous creatures (I.E. a dragon) that would normally want to hurt you could be taken to your ship and trained, provided you can survive the onslaught just getting him. This could open a field of: Pets, Mounts, and Creatures that can work for you.
    Side Quests
    • What if you got a call from the team's biologist, "There is rare creatures breading nearby, escort them to the breeding grounds I marked on your map." The reward would be DNA or points in the Biology Tree of research.
    Misc. Items
    • You've done a couple of side quest for lizard people with cool headgear and a storage of weapons from a dead hero. You befriend them and they let you have a hat and some gear. And it opens a village like option to manage and upgrade the village.
    That is only scratching the surface, you could have aid in wars, expeditions, and in quests. So please tell me your opinion and ideas!​

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