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Bug/Issue Switch - Fishing minigame during Stardew Valley Fair locked all controls

Discussion in 'Support' started by dizzyMongoose, Jun 16, 2019.

  1. dizzyMongoose

    dizzyMongoose Yeah, You!

    I was playing the fishing minigame that's part of the Stardew Valley Fair festival, and I shorted a line cast so that the line never reached the water. I then lost all controls; no button or stick let me do anything. Putting the Switch into sleep and then waking it up didn't reset my controls. The minigame also didn't end when the timer ran out; it just stayed on 0:00 and didn't fail the minigame. I had to close the game and restart from the last save.

    Stardew fishing crash.jpg
    I've attached a photo of my game during the locked controls. You can see the time is still at 0:00 and my fishing pole is stuck mid-cast over my character's body.
    • Shubeans

      Shubeans QA Wizard Chucklefish

      Heya, thanks for reporting this!
      Does it happen every time you try to fish at the fair, or did it only occur that one time?
      • dizzyMongoose

        dizzyMongoose Yeah, You!

        I didn't hit it again, but I made sure to cast my line far enough to trigger fishing. The Stardew Wiki has a more detailed description, so it seems it's been hit before:

        • Bug: In the fishing fair-game, if you cast a very short distance (thus cancelling the cast), the game doesn't allow your character to move until you catch a fish. Because the cast was cancelled, this never happens, and you just stand there unable to move as the timer ticks down. Pressing Esc causes the timer to go to 0:00, which causes the game to be forever stuck in the minigame. This bug works for all platforms.
        • Gabriel9282

          Gabriel9282 Master Chief

          This has happened to me when I just tap and get my finger off as quick as I can.

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