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Bug/Issue Switch Physical Version not updating

Discussion in 'Support' started by ABDIAS, Jan 7, 2020.


    ABDIAS Space Hobo

    Sorry to bother you here. I tried e-mailing the support but I got no response.

    My issue is the following: I have the physical version of stardew valley, and It is locked on version 1.3.33. No matter what I do the thing do not update. Please tell me how to proceed.

    Things that I tried so far:

    - accessing the + menu on game icon and forcing an update: It says that the game is already up to date
    - resetting wifi settings: nothing happens
    - accessing the e-shop: nothing happens
    - tried use the local "match version with local users" thing: the two systems dont find each other specifically for this game (we tried mario kart as a test and worked fine).
    - Deleting the game data: it prompts an update, but when updated it go to version 1.3.33
    - resetting to the factory configs: same as above
    - inserting the cartridge on other switch system: same as above

    I may be wrong, but I dont believe that the problem is with my connection or my system. I must say that I'm not anxious for the new features, the reason I'm sad with this situation is that me and my wife use to play this game together a lot, her digital version auto updated, so we can no longer play.

    Please help, and please sorry if this is the wrong channel to talk about it.

    EDIT: Copy and pasted this text to reddit, looks like that's the right support channel.
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    • Starrienite

      Starrienite Orbital Explorer

      Hi. My game had just updated to 1.4.3 automatically. Perhaps you can try yours.

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