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    You will find an Apex in the Outpost who is a scientist. He asks you to come to the grand tour of the new Miniknog fossil lab. You will take a tour through the lab when you find the fossil resurrection station where scientists are attempting to resurrect a T-Rex fossil. Things get out of hand when the T-Rex comes alive and attacks everyone. You will have to battle it and save the scientists. It's attacks are it's bite, it's stomp, and it's charge. The bite will stun you for 0.5 seconds. The stomp will create a wave of energy that you will have to jump over. It's charge will get it lodged in a wall for 5 seconds. There will be platforms above the battlefield that appear when the T-Rex charges you. When it dies, the scientist will thank you for saving them and you will receive a codex entitled "The Tyrannosaurus Rex." It will describe the T-Rex and how it originated from Earth. You will also receive a dinosaur hat and 1,000 pixels.
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    I love it.

    Suggestion: Part of the codex should explain that resurrecting T-Rexes is one of the most common scientific pursuits throughout history, but they inevitably need to be put down when their destructive impulses can't be controlled. This explains why nearly every planet in the galaxy has T-rex fossils.
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    When I read the thread title I instantly thought of Dino Crisis. For the stun I suggest an area of effect sonic roar and a soft knockback for the Bite. You could have the resurrection station go haywire, reviving smaller dinos like raptors that will become the T-Rex's minions. In addition, the T-Rex could occasionally eat a minion for some regeneration (a little something to add to the chaos). I imagine a scenario where you get stuck in a large room where the dinos are being resurrected. You will have to fight the dinos while the scientists repair the station. You can only kill the T-Rex after a certain time has passed when the station has been fixed. It would be a shame to kill the Rex without being able to recover it, the scientists believe while comically disregarding your safety.

    As for the story, you could reveal that the inspiration for the resurrection station was taken from their discovery of a certain classic 1993 dinosaur film we all loved as children in which they thought was a lost human scientist log. Embarrassed at the fact that humankind was a hairless and haphazard evolution of their ancestors, they wanted to make a better park or create a dinosaur army to conquer the universe... WHY NOT BOTH?! After the whole incident, they ironically seem to be no less haphazard than their cousin race.
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    1. nice extra mini-boss, not penguin-related.
    2.How did T-rexes get to nearly every planet in the universe if they were extinct millions of years ago, even before space travel?

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