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    Hi! I'm working on this furniture project that's probably going to take me FOREVER because 1: I'm not an artist and 2: I play SDV too much to be actually productive lol. But I thought I'd share what I've got, in case anyone wants to use it!

    The Idea

    I want something that feels authentic to the style of Stardew Valley, but with a light, contemporary, and somewhat whimsical feel. We have so many gorgeous furniture sets already, and I want to make something new and not too over-styled. Something that will look good and feel right in every pixellated home. I love contemporary/modern/mid-century design mixed with lush bohemian flair. Minimalist design with lots of cozy details. Light and airy meets warm and fuzzy.

    Design Aesthetic:
    Light neutral overall theme
    Warm wood tones
    Rich textiles
    Uniform furniture colors (but with various styles/decorations, ie: dining table with/without setting)
    Uniform accent colors (but with multiple color schemes to choose from at download)
    Hippie-dippie decor

    Anyway, probably won't be done for a very, very, very long time, but I thought I'd post what I have done here, in case anyone would like to use it. I'll come back to this thread to post updates when I finish something new.

    What Doing

    Done So Far:
    - White brick fireplace
    - Red Persian rug
    - Small TV stand
    - Basic window
    - 2 plants
    - 2 small dining tables
    - Polaroid wall decor
    - Fresh neon sign (replaces Joja light)

    Next Up:
    - Maybe a couch and some chairs
    - Might fix the moon in the nighttime window - I realized it looks pretty stupid if you have more than one window
    - Window with curtains
    - Try again with the dining chairs
    - Dining table with iron legs
    - Fairy lights wall decor
    - Try making a hanging plant or even a pendant light out of a painting tile
    - Idk whatever I feel like - if you have ideas/requests lmk!

    Update Log:
    7/22/18 - added 2 dining tables, red rug, window, 2 plants, more polaroids, fresh neon light (replaces joja light, still needs work but looks great on dark wallpaper!)
    7/22/18 - took ugly oak chairs out of downloadable file. will deuglify later.
    7/21/18 - did a fireplace


    Stardew Valley 1.3.x (beta):
    see attached

    Previous Versions:
    attached .png of fireplace only so you can modify .xnb files yourself [:
    I haven't yet made a furniture.xnb for pre-1.3 versions yet, and I don't know if the 1.3 versions will work???? you can try it and let me know if you want! but back up your original furniture.xnb first!

    also pictured in preview:
    hojichas' wallpaper & floors
    ace's house

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    • Zosa

      Zosa Cosmic Narwhal

      hey, i /am/ an artist i just can't code for anything xD if you need help making stuff i'd totally be down for trying ^^
      • tangeriney

        tangeriney Subatomic Cosmonaut

        Thank you! That would be super cool! :) Do you have any examples of your style?
        • Zosa

          Zosa Cosmic Narwhal

        • tangeriney

          tangeriney Subatomic Cosmonaut

        • tangeriney

          tangeriney Subatomic Cosmonaut

          I wanted to add this to the original post but it wouldn't let me??? So I'll just link to it I guess.

          Design Ideas

          - More crystals

          - Updated globe
          - Lots of plants in cute planters

          Wall Decor:
          - Hanging plant with vines
          - Neon signs
          - Fairy lights
          - A dream catcher
          - More polaroids
          - Mandala tapestries
          - Map (optional version with pins and polaroids)
          - "Vision board"
          - Art with more muted colors in more contemporary frames (blacks and golds and wood tones)
          - Macrame art

          Floor Decor:
          - Fluffy shag rug
          - Natural fiber rugs
          - Rich colored Oriental/Persian rugs
          - Welcome mat
          - Boot tray

          - Simple, modern/contemporary sofas and chairs with colorful/patterned pillows and throws
          - Funky armchairs
          - Trunk coffee table
          - Cushy ottomans and cozy floor cushions
          - Modern/contemporary industrial wood and iron bookshelves
          - Simple floor lamps
          - Candles and lanterns as table lamps
          - Himalayan salt lamp?

          - Squared corners on windows, simple black or warm wood frames.
          - Option for windows with flowy sheer curtains or no curtains

          Non Furniture.xcf Items:
          - Simple iron bed frame, cozy soft white bed linens, colorful textured throw blanket
          - Modern/contemporary kitchen in light colors with open shelving (if possible) and lots of decoration
          • Zosa

            Zosa Cosmic Narwhal

            neat ^^ if you send me the raw game defaults you want changed and how you'd like them to be modified(with a description or pictures) i will mod them for you<3 since it's my job to make art i may take a couple of days to finish since i have to work around commissions :rofl:
            • tangeriney

              tangeriney Subatomic Cosmonaut

              Cool! Is there anything in particular you want to work on? Decor or tables or...? I can also send you the full furniture.png file if you want.
              • tangeriney

                tangeriney Subatomic Cosmonaut

                Also, I just updated this with more furniture! Starter houses in the basic farm will pretty much be fully decked out ;P
                • Zosa

                  Zosa Cosmic Narwhal

                  nope, everything is game ^^ though single-tile stuff first might be better if you need anything done in a particular order. personally sending the full tilesheet would be grand since eventually i will need the pieces anyway ^^
                  • tangeriney

                    tangeriney Subatomic Cosmonaut

                    lol i put a little crescent moon in the night time window because i thought it'd be cute. then i was playing and bought a second window and realized two moons looks pretty stupid. might fix later.
                    • Kuriiyo

                      Kuriiyo Cosmic Narwhal

                      Oh this is gorgeous. I'll definitely use it once it's more fleshed out.
                      • tangeriney

                        tangeriney Subatomic Cosmonaut

                        Thank you! It's kind of been put on the back burner while I was working on Immersive Festival Dialogue, but I'll try to focus a bit more on it soon!
                        • Kuriiyo

                          Kuriiyo Cosmic Narwhal

                          To be fair, I use that mod as well lol. It's nice to get something other than the one-liner.
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                          • Ratlochet

                            Ratlochet Void-Bound Voyager

                            Oh, I love this so far! I can't wait to download once it's more fleshed out! I would now, but... I think not having a full, matching set would kill me. :laugh: Definitely following this thread in the meantime. Keep up the great work! <3
                            • tangeriney

                              tangeriney Subatomic Cosmonaut

                              Thank you! I'm sorry I haven't done much with this in a bit, I was busy working on Immersive Festival Dialogue, then I was taking a break, now I just started a new job, but I'll get back to this as soon as I can!
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                              • ximo233

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                                • isaandrea1

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                                  I downloaded the furniture, but where in the game does it appear?

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