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Discussion in 'Mechanics' started by Dante98dzc, Jan 10, 2020.


The teleportation must be adjusted?

  1. Yes, it is too easy and cheap.

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  2. No, it is well balanced.

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  1. Dante98dzc

    Dante98dzc Void-Bound Voyager

    Teleport is too easy to do and it not consumes anything. How many times the teleport to the ship save your live? In my case hundreds... Jaja.
    But this make the game too easy and removes challenges..

    So... What I propose.
    • Teleport to ship (only without a teleporter) consume energy of some kind.(like the energy used to send the signal to the ship, as more far is the ship more energy consumes)
    • Add a cooldown to the teleport (not necessary long one)
    • The flags ... they're like beacons... Maybe make them of one use. Or reloadable whit batteries or something...
    That's the principal idea... But it can be more worked...

    (Sorry bad english plz :oops:)

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