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  1. xxxSMDxxx

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    The ponds on my farm are kinda getting in my way so I was thinking. Wouldn't it be good if you could get rid of them. Like dig up a bunch of clay and just fill them in. Or you could in reverse make your own pond somewhere else. Of course you can't change the terrain in other places like Pelican Town or the forest. Just your farm.
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    • kazuutenshii

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      uhhhh, it doesn't work like that :l
      Maybe have a suggestion about craftable bridges and then you could make a pathway over it or something, that'll be interesting.
      • GreenWombat

        GreenWombat Cosmic Narwhal

        So? It's a game not real life. It doesn't matter if it's realistic it would just be nice for players to have control over their own farm.
        • kazuutenshii

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          you can do anything in your farm. What I meant was that it's not that easy to make that possible because it's not big of a deal to be like one of the ruins that has to be fixed like the greenhouse where you have to complete a bundle in the community center to repair or remove a solid obstacle when you sleep at night. That's the only possible way to remove a big solid obstacle. I might still be wrong, maybe the game developers take a look at your suggestion and make it happen? :unsure:
          • Borodin

            Borodin Oxygen Tank

            It's a good idea, having the ability to fill in the pond, though in keeping with the gameworld logic, I suspect it's something that Robin should be contracted to do--in order to provide a firm, secure dirt packing identical to its surroundings, and suitable for any farming activity. Just think what would happen if you tried to fill it with clay, then commissioned her to build a barn over it. She'd probably shake her head and tell you the ground wasn't firm enough, and offer to redo everything for a nice, hefty fee. ;)
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            • Shoukry

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              I also like the idea of adding/removing a pond or irrigation canals. Maybe even have the farm layout somewhat randomized with every new game: the greenhouse would remain where it is, but the ponds could be in different locations or vary in size, or you could have a stream cut through the farm instead.
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