Terramart Shipments not functioning below sea level

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  1. Hello,

    I am having some problems getting my Terramart Shipments stand to function in my new base. Prior to building it I tested whether it could send shipments up through a silo 4 blocks wide with positive results and incorporated this into the design of my base on the sea floor (I discovered also that Terramart Shipments will go upward through platforms and water but only when near the surface). However, upon completing the shell of my base and draining the water I found that when placing the Terramart Shipments stand at the bottom of the silo it displayed out of order.

    I had wondered whether it had something to do with being below sea level however tests proved this not to be the case. The only remaining things I can think of are that there is a height limit, that the terramart will not function below the Twilight Zone or that this is a bug of some sort.

    If anyone has some suggestions or if anyone from Chucklefish could address this it would be much appreciated. I would very much prefer not to make a trip to the surface every time I wish to sell produce.

    I have attached a screenshot showing the Terramart Shipments stand with the silo in frame.



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    It's not that you're below sea level, you're on the sea floor. When you're down that deep the surface chunks are unloaded from memory and effectively don't exist - meaning the game cannot verify you have open sky over the shipment box, so it won't work. It's a limitation of the game engine.
  3. I had wondered if this was the case. However there must still be a height limit involvement or asteroids would block the Terramart Shipments as well.

    Are there any ways of manually loading chunks or keeping them loaded indefinitely?
  4. Further investigation indicates that even down at the Twilight Zone, the Shipment stand still operates as seen in the attached image

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  5. Several blocks below that however, below the Twilight Zone, the Shipment stand ceases to function as seen below. Unfortunately this doesn't get me any closer to solving the problem but it is interesting nonetheless.

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