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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by ammonite616, Mar 15, 2019.

  1. ammonite616

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    i was adding some stuff to the game such as blocks and weapons. i coded this using starbound's unpacked code. i test each one in a game using the debug window to spawn them in using the "itemName" found in the code, the first one worked but the other 2 didn't. there are no spaces in the names.


    "itemName" : "fanofwar",

    (the rest of the code for the item in there)

    /spawnitem fanofwar

    it returns a perfectly generic item

    Works with other mod items as well as generic items. also worked with the first modded item i made.

    is there any other fields i should check?
  2. Omeruin

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    So weapons and blocks huh?
    When stuff like this happens to me (I also make weapon mods), I always make sure to double check the .recipes, the player.config.patch, and the file with the images/code itself. Double or triple-check to make sure everything is spelled right, even the images/coding files themselves.
    I usually always screw up naming one file or forget to add it to the player.config.patch!
    Also, just to make sure, I always name the files the way the game has it just in case (you don't have to).
    What I mean is by this:
    (Your Mod Name Here)>items>active>weapons>(type of weapon here)>then weapon.png and weapon.activeitem (and any other files that come with the weapon)
  3. ammonite616

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    That's weird, my last one seems to work without those. i tried adding them for this one and i'm still getting generic items
  4. Omeruin

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    Can you show the code you have for your active.item, player.config.patch (and/or .recipe) then? And just in case, have you looked at your starbound.log?
  5. projectmayhem

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    Best thing to do, is log in fresh...spawn the item. If you get perfectly generic item.... check your error log. This should tell you exactly why the item wouldnt spawn right. Usually it is a messed up , or } somewhere in the items file.
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