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  1. During their struggles for survival and longevity, the Parfelians have studied humanoid interaction quite well. One thing stood out among all of them, however. This is their holiday, 'New Years'. They were very intrigued by the humanoids' actions; the humanoids fired explosives into the air and celebrated. They had no idea why this is happening, but they seem to enjoy the explosions.

    Upon gaining their longevity, the Parfelians teamed up with their close feline ally, the Nyatinese, to create a mock-up of the event. Using their vast knowledge and innovative behavior, they have created non-lethal explosives that creates fancy explosions when shot high up in the air. The explosives were heavy and made up of complex mechanics, guaranteeing a successful explosion. Being heavy, rather than manually lighting them up like the humanoids, the Parfelians decided to use their massive turrets to fire them, which allowed the explosive to trigger farther than normal, ensuring more safety for them.

    Upon learning that humans, the race that most commonly celebrates such an event, celebrate it once every 365 "Earth days", or the number of day/night cycles their main planet, the Earth, has in one revolution around Sol, they decided to do the same. The days pass, and the two races continue to work together for just this single day. It is amazing how determined these creatures are.

    The day comes close. The Parfelians were ready, so were the Nyatinese. Parfelian Sir Whiskers and his Lucent STAGs teams up with Nyatinese Duchess Haqu and her bestiary as they wait until midnight struck. The Wandering Oni joins in. Slowly, their human watch ticked as the second hand moved closer and closer to 12.

    10.. The turrets of Sir Whiskers' Clockwork Fortress are loaded with the explosives.

    9.. Duchess Haqu brings out the kegs of orange juice, ready to celebrate.

    8.. The glasses are filled. The time has come.

    7.. There is no turning back. The fuse is lit.

    6.. The Turrets are armed and ready.

    5.. Everything goes silent. Tick.

    4.. Tock. They watch closely.

    3.. The wait is intensifying.

    2.. The turrets are fired.

    1.. Happy New...

    0.. Year.


    Artist's Notes:
    Before you notice, they are drinking orange juice. Haqu and the STAG Beetle cannot drink anything else but orange juice and their native planet's liquids

    The only sad creature here is the Sibyl, as it has no sight. :c

    This pic contains mostly suggestions i've made for starbound. The only thing that isn't a suggestion is Suwee and Haqu. They are my mascots.
  2. Ghostar

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    Call me simple, but what I find most impressive is that you reflected the fireworks off the Parfelians helmet.
  3. Alondaar

    Alondaar Title Not Found

    I like it. A lot. :d
  4. J-block

    J-block Pay it Forward

    New wall paper obtained :O
  5. DevastoR

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    31.12.jpg222.jpg 31.12.jpg2.jpg 31.12.jpg22.jpg

    31.12.jpg 31.12.jpg1.jpg 31.12.jpg11.jpg

    Copy. Paste. Copy. Paste. Copy. Paste :D

    But we all do it....
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  6. Why, my good sir, the Parfelian explosive and timing are not to be confused with copy-paste, my good sir!
    My good sir, they are perfectionists who love to, my good sir, fire all explosives at the same time, my good sir!
    As such, my good sir, the explosives trigger at the exact same time, my good sir!
    And since, my good sir, all of them are perfected to look almost always the same as their own kind, my good sir
    Some of the explosions would look exactly the same, my good sir!

    In short, my good sir, yes, my good sir. I copypasta'd, my good sir!
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  7. DevastoR

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    Good sir's brain was blown up :3
  8. DevastoR

    DevastoR Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    "Some of the explosions would look exactly the same, my good sir!"

    Physically, it's impossible :3
  9. o_O
    *frothing at the mouth*
    *multiple heart attacks*
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  10. Fantastic Mr. Legion

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  11. Tojo

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    Great job Suika. The little story in the beginning had me going there for a second.
  12. Crazyon

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    This is so amazing my mind cannot fathom it.
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  13. Maunokki

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    Oh wow, that's gorgeous!

    See? I didn't say amazing, I used another word, that means it's extra good.
    *Buys some orange juice*

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