Mob The Ant Men (NPC also)

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    These black, semi-intelligent creatures are a highly evolved form of insect life.
    They are communal, with a queen that has total authority over the important decisions of the hive/colony.
    Basic decision making is at the individual level and due to their highly evolved nature they are quite crafty.
    Ant Men usually travel in small groups due to their communal nature and they cooperate with each other more effectively then humans do.
    Physically, Ant Men are stronger then humans and can lift large objects that a human wouldn't be able to.
    Their weakness is cold. They have to stay at temperatures above 0 C in order to survive and they have various methods of keeping the colony warm. Some of these methods include having a mulch pit under the main colony or having a slow burning coal fire under the colony.
    Ant men sometimes have colonies underground, but more often they live on the surface of terrestrial planets usually dominating the flora and fauna of those planets due to their wits and industrious nature.
    Occasionally some individuals show exceptional intelligence. They are able to learn new languages and technologies with witch they can be a great asset or enemy to others.
    These individuals of exceptional intelligence sometimes leave their home colony to explore and found new territory.
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    i love ants

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