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    The first in a series of insect and other arthropod mobs (and my second mob which is clearly not a mammal), bat beetles are large insects (which despite the name do not resemble bats at all) about the size of the player's shoes (their long legs push them just above the player's ankles in height).

    Spawn: Spawns in jungles and other warm, moist biomes, on planets with thick atmospheres. Semi-common mob. Note that they will suffocate and die on planets with relatively thin atmospheres (I.E at 50% or less earth's atmospheric pressure).

    Health: Has 20 hit points. Armor is about 50% higher than that of a typical mob due to the shell, and bat beetles resist all extra damage types except ice (which deals 50% more damage). Has 10 special points which it uses for sprinting, losing one for every second it sprints: if it runs out of special points or is not chasing a target, will rest and take two seconds to recover a special point.

    Attack: Similar to my last two mobs, wild bat beetles will not attack players. However, they will attack other arthropod mobs, rushing at them and grabbing them in their jaws: the unlucky mob takes three, one-second interval ticks of 10 damage before being dropped (smaller mobs take more damage because they take longer to escape, bigger mobs escape earlier). Note that successfully attacking will deplete the beetle's special points by five and leave it panting for two seconds.

    Movement: Scuttles around at about the player's running speed when passive. When sprinting, they barrel forwards at twice the player's running speed! Cannot jump to save its life - in earth-like conditions can only jump 50 cm, so jumpy mobs will probably escape being eaten. Cannot fly, and swims poorly at only half the swimming speed of the player.

    Behavior when tamed: Bat beetles can be tamed by feeding them any item dropped by another insect mob (even non-insect arthropod mobs will not work). As tamed mobs, bat beetles will rush at any mob (including players) which attacks a party member or is attacked by a party member, using the same grabbing attack it uses while wild. Players which are grabbed by the beetle must rapidly tap the jump button to escape (to avoid cheap deaths there will be a 'tap space quickly to escape! prompt when this happens), as the beetles will not let go of them automatically as they would any other mob and will shake enemy players to death. Note that targets are still vulnerable to being attacked by other mobs and players while being shaken, and that player and beetle will take fall damage if the intertwined duo fall off a cliff.

    Drops: Four drops originate from these beetles. 50% will drop antennae, which have no practical use but can be worn as a bizarre hat. 25% drop beetle eyes, which can be crafted into compound eye glasses if you have 2 and a stick: wearing the glasses will cause the player to deal 200% more damage to arthropod mobs but will turn the landscape and background into an abstract array of colors in which only other players and mobs that are moving nearby are clearly visible (these glasses are a bad choice for planets with a lot of cliffs).

    As for the rarer drops, 3% of the beetles drop scythe fangs, which can be combined with a stick to create a hoe that can till dirt to grow crops and which can also be used to bash mobs for 10 damage each hit. The rarest drop from bat beetles is their dagger fang, an almost antler-like jaw which, when combined with two sticks, creates a weapon which deals 15 damage. Creating a second one and equipping both at once will allow the player to use the beetle's grabbing attack if they charge one of the blades: it shares all the properties of the original but will drain 1 battery power every tick of damage. Similarly to how players can tap the jump button quickly to escape, the player using the daggers can tap space to decrease the time between ticks and to therefore deal more damage while the mob is in their grasp. Note that bosses cannot be grabbed with the daggers.

    Bat beetle.PNG
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    hmmm....well we had discussion with beetles into the game being giant size or small size, like the ore beetles which that is still going a bit... I don't know anyone would like to agree or disagree.
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    I think we should have beetles of all sizes. As for this beetle, I called it "large" relative to beetles in real life - this is not an especially large mob (and thus it would be even funnier to see such a tiny mob shake a player five or six times its height to death!)
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    We do have large mob beetle...its the "ore beetles" again which they talked about these beetles will eat metals from the ground and start doodling off, ect more stuff I can't remember but we brought sooo many discussion page with that went up to 5 page trying discuss how looks, how its action, pets, and the list keep going.

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