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    Holy Hell in a Hand basket, why is this so hard? Every fight before him was a blast to go against, especially the Hylotl fight, so why all of a sudden am I going up against such a ridiculously difficult fight with no prior warning or preperation? Even with end game equipment I'm being annihilated by this guy. After loosing 150% of the pixels I had (30% over 5 deaths) I have come to the conclusion that this boss is simply just too hard compared to the ones before it. I feel like the damage is fine, but there just needs to be less bullets. And this is coming from a guy who spent a LOT longer than he should have playing Undertale.
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    I personally think it's not that hard, coming from a twitch shooter, "danmaku", and platform shooter background, but I suppose not everybody's wired for the same kind of things. I personally think there needs to be higher difficulty spikes with all of the missions themselves through length, ai difficulty, and boss difficulty, so as to better prepare players for the kinds of fights in a more linear scale rather than the exponential curve spike that is the apex boss. Most of these bosses can be beaten really easily, erchius horror being two or three shot with the lever and is easy to dodge, the Kluex totem can be easily beaten with enough bullets and timing, the hylotl boss... Just really doesn't do enough damage and is prefect other wise... While the apex boss just hurls bullets in literal room clearing curtains of laser fire and fists. Though it's much easier once you figure it out, I think the bosses should be on a difficulty more proportionate to the apex boss.
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    I had trouble at first, but then I realized it had a very, VERY simple pattern. I haven't had any problems winning, except when I'm dumb and don't jump over bullets. Using bandages is a waste on this fight since everything is so easy to dodge.

    Stand by the electric banners when he's shooting fists, tap jump to dodge the low ones (no max height jumps, just in case).
    Run under and keep running to make him drop his eye swords. They hit slightly beyond the size of his head
    Back to a wall and pulse jump to avoid missiles (Jump once to avoid first, jump twice to make the second fly off in a stupid direction. Nice AI!)
    Grappling Hook/Spike Sphere up a wall to avoid the ramming, or crouch next to a banner
    Bullet hell? Just put your back to a wall and pulse jump here and there. At WORST, you'll get hit 1-2 times.

    Or, just be lazy and get a shield. Shields make the boss too easy. Shields break really fast on the missiles, but against the bullet hell part, you can sit still and hold the shield to take zero damage. This boss basically tests you to make sure you remember that you can move while fighting.

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