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    Hello! I am putting up an idea I came up with inspired mainly by the plant people and generic slime ball enemies. Please tell me what you think and I will gladly look over any suggestions and drawings.

    Entry 057 Captain Samuel Carson:

    Bloat Slug Life Cycle:

    The Bloat slug is a very strange beast as it looks amoebic but is contains over 50 million cells.

    Space... worm.png Stage one: The bloat slug grows too big for it's larval wings and sheds them usually eating them afterward

    Bloated worm.png Stage two: The slug will eat almost anything to increase it's size making it large enough to start producing it's offspring while not having to worry about being eaten .

    Fertile Bloat worm.png Stage three: The slug has finished creating it's offspring but has not yet lived to it's final task and stores the larvae in the tiny sacs on it's sides which were before empty. These are sometimes referred to as it's freckles.

    Burst Bloatworm.png Stage 4: Pop! it eats it's last bite and the thin membrane that keeps it together bursts and the little winged larvae are released into the wild, but not without devouring the deceased bloat slug mother.

    Here is a closer look at a larvae eating a chunk of it's mother: Bloat Larva.png
    As you can see the membrane is very thick but will soon thin out after it consumes more matter.

    The bloat slug absorbs the flavor of whatever it eats and is farmed by the locals to make large quantities of rations that don't taste like they've been dumped in a bucket of raw sewage.
    The average lifespan of a Bloat slug is 20 hours, but when in captivity it usually takes about 5 minutes for a full life cycle. The larvae have become popular as a snack I've decided to call "Chompers" it is prepared by feeding a swarm a large quantity of any filling and then freezing or frying them.The Bloat slug is a very strange beast as it looks amoebic, but is contains over 50 million cells.

    How it will come to effect in game:
    It is a species that can and will devour anything in sight. If attacked it will immediately burst sending a swarm of angry larvae to eat you. the slug moves along the ground while the larvae fly around looking for scraps like a fly. The species will be very dangerous to let go in a new ecosystem.

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