Mob The boar beetle! You'll never want to see an insect again!

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  1. Grah the great

    Grah the great Aquatic Astronaut

    My first large, strong mob (if you exclude the largest quolls), the boar beetle is a brown-and-green beetle about 240 cm long and 130 cm high - as big as a large pig! They're not a whole lot less agressive than one, either!

    Spawn - Spawns in wet, jungle or jungle-like environments on the forest floor. Fairly uncommon spawn, but when it does spawn it spawns in groups from 1-3 and always with at least 1 nest (a circular leaf pile) with between 1-3 grubs in the nest. Grubs are themselves mobs who die instantly on contact with players, always dropping a grub item that, if fed, will grow into a tame boar beetle - this is the only way to tame this mob (the adults are impressively stubborn to all attempts to tame them).

    HP - Each boar beetle has an impressive 240 hit points, coupled with armor 50% more protective than most mobs. They are equally resistant to all extra damage types except for ice, which deals 50% more damage to these mobs. The mob has no special points, manna, battery, or other such traits, though.

    Attack - These mobs are initially passive (although they will emit an angry hiss if you approach them, they will not attack while hissing). Attacking one or touching its nest will cause it (and all boar beetles that spawned with the nest) to charge you. In this state, the boar beetle runs as fast as the player and can destroy dirt and other weak blocks in its attempt to avenge itself and/or its deceased offspring. Getting rammed by the beetle will normally deal only 10 damage, but if you are on the ground when struck the beetle will perform a critical hit and you will take 35 damage. Both hits deal a lot of knockback, a critical hit propelling players straight through dirt for a distance of 10 meters. The beetle will continue to chase the player until killed or until the player is 20 meters away - the beetle will become hostile again if it can draw a line-of-sight to the player and they come back within the 20 meters.

    Movement - Ambles about at about a third the player's speed when not aggravated. Its charging has already been discussed. Notably, these beetles cannot jump and cannot swim - water traps would thus be a good way to dispose of these beetles, but unfortunately water destroys both the grubs and their drops.

    Behavior when tamed - As previously noted, these beetles can only be tamed by rearing their grubs - trying to tame the adults is fruitless. A tame adult boar beetle will try to stay within 6 meters of its owner, and if anything attacks the player the boar beetle will come charging back with the same brutal attack it normally uses to impale nest thieves. The beetle's don't have as much utility as it sounds, though, because THEY STILL CANNOT JUMP OR SWIM.

    Drops - Besides the aforementioned grubs, these beetles have a 50% chance of dropping an eye and an equal chance of dropping an antennae, both of which are fashion accessories only. About 3% will drop either a elytra (their wing case, which can be turned into a low-mid tier shield) or a horn (which can be turned into a low-mid tier dagger which deals 20 damage).

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  2. GunmanRex

    GunmanRex Oxygen Tank

    But I wanted beetle bacon.

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