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    Drops/Loot & Drop Chance
    boopal ears 5%
    Boopal Egg 10%
    Boopal Fur 50%
    Mushroom 90%
    Flower 95%
    Health 98%


    Spawn Rate/Spawning Conditions
    5% Spawn chance sounds good.

    25 Hp
    0 MP
    0 Energy
    0 Armor


    The Boopal rams into the player doing 1 damage because of its soft and squishy body. When hit the Boopal flees from the player and lets out a cry.

    Additional Info
    The Boopal Spawns in all different colors. Depending on its color it will drop the same color egg, ears, or fur.
    Ears are a head equip. The egg will hatch the same color of Bloopal the egg was. With the fur you can craft the ears and won't have to rely on the drop. Depending on the fur used the ears will come out firrent colors.
    Use only red fur you get red ears. use red and blue fur and you get purple ears. Basically it mixes the fur colors of what ever colors you mix. It takes 6 fur to craft one pair of ears.


    Here is the logbook
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    YES! cute! want it! X3
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    It reminds me of something but I can't remember what. Also it looks awesome. :)
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    Looks tasty!

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