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Bug/Issue The Bugs I've Found So Far

Discussion in 'Support' started by ItsaMeEmilee, May 8, 2018.

  1. ItsaMeEmilee

    ItsaMeEmilee Space Hobo

    Disclaimer: I'm using SMAPI and the following mods:
    - CalendarAnywhere
    - CJBShowItemSellPrice
    - LookupAnything
    - SprintAndDashRedux
    - StardewValleyBundleTooltips

    AD Info

    + 2 Players tot - I'm not the host.
    + We both have a fair internet connection and live in the same country. Although the host has had connection issues before.


    • I've occasionally come across levels that have many ladders without finding them. They even appear under rocks or glaciers.
    • The host went to the Spa the day before and noticed this glitch the next day. + He went to bed straight after going to the spa.
    • I've seen the base watering can tool appear as though it was Iridium, even though it was not.
    • Every time I restart my game my sounds are heard as though they were maxed. However, I can fix this by scrolling the bars up and down again.
    • Every time the host goes down a ladder I get a significant lag spike.

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