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    An extremely rare species of butterfly, the Butterdie dwells deep in dark forests...​
    ...and in the minds of anyone who has ever seen one and lived.​
    The Butterdie looks just like any other butterfly. That's probably why it was so many people's last sight.​
    Tread near one, and expect your body to be ripped apart in seconds. Perhaps you won't even feel a thing... for too long.​
    An unfortunate space-traveler, frozen in terror during the last few seconds of his life.
    Killing a Butterdie
    A record does not exist of anyone ever successfully killing one of these terrifying creatures.
    Although, rumour has it that the most powerful sword in the universe has just the
    amount of power needed to strike a Butterdie down. But, again, it's just a rumour...
    A legend passed down by the Florans says something about Butterdies dropping
    "a magical dust that empowers any weapon with the power of the gods". However, this has yet to be proven.
    Log Description
    The first ever log entry of the Butterdie, found on the dead body of an explorer:
    So there's my mob suggestion! It was kind of meant to be a joke, but I could totally see it as the troll mob in the game! [​IMG]
    Oh how much rage it would cause...
    Anyway, what do you guys think?
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  2. RexMori

    RexMori Industrial Terraformer

    So it would be the inverse of skyrim butterflies?

    "OOH! A butterfly! I will catch him and and love him and-"
    *two butterfly wings added*

    "OOH! A butterfly! I will catch him and and love him and-"
    "OH TIY, MY BONES!!!"
  3. Yup, pretty much! [​IMG]
  4. Roxie Stables

    Roxie Stables Parsec Taste Tester

    This is hilarious xD
    I don't think that it should have 'instant killing' capabilities, but I could see it having some poisonous effects that would be quite damaging to you.
  5. Heh, yeah, if they do put something like this in the game it most likely won't be an insta-kill mob.
    But it would be hilarious if there was something like the dungeon guardian in Terraria except in Starbound, and it was just a harmless little butterfly.
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  6. Roxie Stables

    Roxie Stables Parsec Taste Tester

    Cute lil' butterfly, final boss of Starbound.
  7. Note: I will most likely update this sometime to make it look better! The innocent murderous butterfly deserves a better presentation!
  8. Dante

    Dante Aquatic Astronaut

    *iv done it! iv almost beat starbound! only the galaxies bane, the last boss awaits....* enters boss room
    *so dark in here where is the boss??...* a glowing butterfly appears and lands on shoulder
    *oh hey there little guy....... why am i numb....... OH GOD WHY!!!!! ARHGHGHGH BLAAAR..................* Adventurer explodes into million different pieces of flesh that the butterfly feeds on to increase its power....
  9. Vladimir 3.22

    Vladimir 3.22 Zero Gravity Genie

    o god this power i must have it traps in small box ten seconds latter gets ripped to pieces and respawns o god the box (box is right in front of him)
  10. Kirby64

    Kirby64 Space Kumquat

    What would happen if I were to survive the inhalation of the butterdie?
    Oh the horror...
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  11. Vladimir 3.22

    Vladimir 3.22 Zero Gravity Genie

    you would be death in butterfly form and the pain would make you go crazy.
  12. The horror indeed...
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  13. Vladimir 3.22

    Vladimir 3.22 Zero Gravity Genie

    pure horror in butterfly form o god
  14. Prophet of Deception

    Prophet of Deception Big Damn Hero

    Now when they make stupid word play jokes someone can say: Why did the child throw the butter out of the window?
    Because he wanted to see the Butter DIE outside of his house and not inside so he wouldn't die!
  15. Blackleaf

    Blackleaf Oxygen Tank

    (Lets just see how many people get that refernce)
    Anyway good idea.
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  16. Prophet of Deception

    Prophet of Deception Big Damn Hero

    I get no reference. :(
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  17. Starfire

    Starfire Scruffy Nerf-Herder

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  18. yugimon

    yugimon Space Spelunker

    So your saying I probably souldn't eat it?
  19. No, probably not.

    EDIT: GOD DAMN IT I keep forgetting I wanted to update this. I promise, people, an update will come eventually!
  20. Malus

    Malus Star Wrangler

    So.... To kill it... Would I need the Holy Butterfly Net of Antioch by any chance?

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