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Discussion in 'NPCs and Creatures' started by Krazykid, Jun 25, 2013.

  1. Krazykid

    Krazykid Starship Captain

    In a town / city there would be a tiny % chance of a blue police box being spawned. Interacting with it would say "It is locked, but it seems to be smaller than it should be." Found right nearby would be the npc himself, The Doctor.

    The Doctor serves no purpose other than a civilian making Doctor Who references.
    On another hand, if he was a vendor, then he would most likely sell fezzes and/or sonic screwdrivers.
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  3. Psychman

    Psychman Void-Bound Voyager

    EPIC I LOVE DOCTOR WHO!!!! Sorry for that annoying comment. Anyways, yeah a "Sonic Wrench" or something similar to that is what it should be called... It should basically be a multi-tool thingy mijig. It should be able to place/destroy wire, move dirt around, and turn electric devices on, and maybe it should be able to make a confused buff on electronic enemies where they hurt themselves. And, obviously it shouldn't work on wood.
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  4. Krazykid

    Krazykid Starship Captain

    YES. I agree with ALL OF THIS.
  5. Autzome

    Autzome Black Hole Surfer

    hey, fan of the show here. only problem is the whole "The Doctor" bit. i dun want no copyright claims or lawsuits delaying the game so maybe a different name can be used? ya know?make it more easter eggy rather than "Bam! here i am!"?
  6. Psychman

    Psychman Void-Bound Voyager

    Well, yeah! I would be extremely angry if I had to wait even longer for Starbound because of a lawsuit! Maybe we could just add an actual doctor or something like that that looks a little like The Doctor, and when you talk to him, maybe he'l say something to make it seem as if he's the doctor like, "You haven't seen a blue box anywhere have you?", or, he could be an eye doctor that tells you not to blink too much. Wait, that would be a little lame. I really like the way Terraria did it with the doctor's clothes, and the angel statues that do nothing (when you're looking). I swear, my Angel Statue freaking moved.
  7. Insanitor

    Insanitor Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Well, they could always just change it enough so they can't copy right.

    Instead of the Doctor, and a blue Police Box.
    We use The Dentist and a Red Firestation Box. ;)

    And one of his Phrases should be "Actually, it's just The Dentist."
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  8. Autzome

    Autzome Black Hole Surfer

    I support this!
  9. Psychman

    Psychman Void-Bound Voyager

    If they call him The Dentist, they could probably get away with a Phone Box, just as long as it doesn't look too much like the one from the show. But anyways, I doubt that they would implement this idea anyways. I actually did see in one screenshot somewhere that Tiy posted of a Crafting Station where you can craft a "Bag that is bigger on the inside".
  10. Tleno

    Tleno Spaceman Spiff

    Why not The Policeman and... erm.. a giant, orange... erm... medical... box?
  11. Jonesy

    Jonesy Sarif's Attack Kangaroo Forum Moderator

    They can probably get away with a reference or Easter egg, but actually having him in the game would get Chucklefish sued.
  12. ChaoticGamer

    ChaoticGamer Master Astronaut

    the doc would be special vender then when he can cyborg you up or add something a boost.
  13. Psychman

    Psychman Void-Bound Voyager

    Don't quite understand what you are trying to say. :rofl:
  14. ChaoticGamer

    ChaoticGamer Master Astronaut

    wut you never heard doctor using implant in person? Its one thous old days that doctor is part sciences which everything involved with sciences in some ways. Of course doctors could be bio, mutation, cyborg creator or observer. Then they do all this mixing so on so stuff. Back main topic, I think doctor would be nice...maybe there should be a mod about using "The Medic" from TF2. I like him a lot for being use as healer and can fight back.
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