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  1. Grah the great

    Grah the great Aquatic Astronaut

    This is another mob suggestion, this time for a creature I have named the arore. Arores are passive mobs, about 30 cm long, whose dust cause serious problems at night!

    Spawn: In forests, on planets with a difficulty level of medium or higher. Relatively uncommon night spawn.

    HP: This creature has only 10 health points. It has no special armor, special point, manna, etc values.

    Attack: As I said earlier, this is a passive mob that does not attack players or mobs. However, this mob will randomly drop glittering dust particles: touching a dust particle will inflict confuse, scrambling the player's controls for a random time period (never longer than 5 seconds unless the dust hits repeatedly). If the dust hits a non-player mob, the mob will start wandering in the opposite direction that it means to walk, and hostile mobs will completely forget that they were trying to kill you until the effect wears off.

    Movement: Sleeps during the day while roosted in trees, curled up into a glowing ball. At night, flies slowly and randomly. Note that it will drop dust particles regardless of whether or not it is day or night.

    Behavior when tamed: To tame this mob, the player must feed it an arthropod part. Successfully doing so will cause the Arore to follow the player, but its behavior will otherwise alter little besides the fact that it will drop 50% more dust (which does not affect allied players and mobs).

    Drops: This mob has two drops if you bother killing it (which you probably will if you are going monster hunting and you see one, since they can be a real impediment in battle). 50% will drop their eye, which serves no practical purpose but can be made into glasses to wear. 25% will drop from one to three glitter dust, which can be used to make weapons that inflict confusion when used. One concept I had for such a weapon would be a gun with an Arore's eye on the tip which would deal no damage but shoot a dust cloud that would confuse most or all enemies within the radius.

  2. NewLiar

    NewLiar Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I like it! ;)
  3. ChaoticGamer

    ChaoticGamer Master Astronaut

    hey its a sting ray mantis...oh wait its just look like it. I say nice idea.
  4. TTCBuilder

    TTCBuilder Jackpot!

    Hmm 5 seconds is a long time , it should be 2 seconds.
    Also I think if it is dropping this dust constantly then it should only
    partially alter the mind of what it hits, not complete confusion.
    If one person had that they could kill all enemy players by having it over head,
    the players would never hit them!
    I like the idea though, very creative and very cool sounding.
    Also I was thinking the sword could perhaps be a hammer you slam the ground with
    the dust emitted is natural to the planet, but with sparkles and still confuses opponents nearby.
  5. Nice idea and presentation, I think it would be a nice little unique addition to the game. :up:

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