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Is this a good idea?Explain.



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    The Farlans are a species composed of pure energy.They resemble Fairies, but when they're hungry, they turn into a demon-like creature.They steal the life force of others and use it to sustain themselves.They are unisex, but always resemble a female.The Farlans can only live in hot environments, and nothing is really known about them.They used to be a civilization that discovered terraforming and how to convert themselves into pure energy, but they were turned savage, but only I know that.They reproduce by simply gaining enough energy to do so.They all look exactly the same.They were discovered on the Redkais' Judgement Day, almost all the Redkai that invaded the planet of Rashko were killed.They came back prepared, but then the Farlans possessed the crew, and forced them to take them to new places.They can now be seen on most molten planets now, sometimes in the body of a poor Redkai.They also live on molten places with colonies, so they kind of farm the inhabitants.

    Mechanics:They deal fire damage, and if you're hit by one you burn for a little while, every 3 seconds you gain 5 fire damage, and you gain 10 damage when directly hit by one, unless you have a suit of some sort on.They will also attack anything that's not a Farlan, or a Farlan possessing a Redkai, and for each kill they gain health, or their max. health is increased by 3 points.
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    It sounds like little upgraded Fire Virorbs (just my opinion)
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