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  1. Grah the great

    Grah the great Aquatic Astronaut

    The frozen drifter is a very unusual mob only found on bitterly cold planets. They resemble beetle heads and are enshrouded in liquid helium, which allows for some very odd properties!

    Spawn: Spawns on extremely cold planets with little atmosphere. Needs a long, relatively flat stretch to spawn in. Not a common spawn even if these conditions are met.

    Health: This most unusual monster has only a tenth the health of a player and has no armor. However, it does have 10 special points, which it uses to periodically charge forward at higher speeds.

    Attack power: The frozen drifter deals as much damage as it has health, but to compensate always inflicts freeze on the player, locking them in place for several seconds or until they are struck by a monster. If slain the frozen drifter's head will fade, but the liquid helium will simply be deflected - be wary of this, because for the next minute the liquid helium can and will still deal damage on contact!

    Movement: The head does not move, but the helium does! The helium moves rapidly in one direction (by default to the right) at twice the player' s running speed. If the drifter hits a wall, it turns around and goes in the opposite direction with no loss of speed, and slopes also have no effect on the drifter. If the player is above a drifter that is approaching a wall, the drifter can exchange turning around for climbing up the wall to get at the player, so beware!

    If the drifter is near a player or tamed monster, it will sometimes use one of its special points to briefly charge at the target with twice its normal speed - be wary of this on flat terrain!

    Drops: The drifter has a 40% chance to drop a solid helium crystal when the head is destroyed. This crystal is used to give an ice attribute to weapons.

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  2. ChaoticGamer

    ChaoticGamer Master Astronaut

    not bad, I think its fine monster. Dunno about the idea would make a fitting.

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