the game looks great, but I'm concerned about Jackson

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by chillysea, Dec 14, 2019.

  1. chillysea

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    Within the first 30 seconds I came across Jackson, who is the only black character I ran into while playing for ~15 minutes. uhm... he kind of looks like a 'golliwog', which is super well-known for being racist. Why does no other character have red pixels around their mouth for lips? This game looks like it's going to be incredible but I'm worried about the backlash this will receive if they don't fix his character model before the game is released.
    • gyokuso

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      Please don't.
      Ignore the political activists, if anything they will just give you free publicity while you completely ignore them and you will lose nothing. There is no need to talk about racism/representation in games. Respect the freedom of expression/speech of the creators.
      • Pangaea

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        I have some information. This has been changed. The studio making the game had no knowledge of such racial stereotypes beforehand.

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