Mob The giant foot of...passiveness?

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  1. Grah the great

    Grah the great Aquatic Astronaut

    One of the strangest mobs I have yet come up with, this one is based on something that can happen in a certain level of an old DOS game named Commander Keen 4. In that level, there are inchworms that will follow you, and if you get 12 to do this a giant foot will fall on you and take you to a secret level! This foot can also fall on you, but it isn't a good thing!

    Spawn: Spawns EXTREMELY RARELY in any environment without water deep enough for it to get totally immersed in it and which has gravity no more than 50% as strong as earth's (it will take damage every time it lands if you tame one and bring it to a planet with stronger gravity and will die instantly on planets with at least 101% earth's gravity).

    HP: Has a mighty 500 hit points! Cannot be damaged anywhere except the head, which is quite vulnerable to all non-normal damage types and will die instantly on contact with water (not rain, but actual flowing water, usually caused by a player pouring a bucket over it or by a tame one jumping into an ocean). Water-based attacks will not do this but will deal 200% their normal damage output instead. Note that all but the heaviest bullets (as well as water-based bullets) will be deflected if you try shooting the foot with one.

    Attack: Despite its immense size, the Giant foot is a passive mob - it does not intentionally try to hurt you even if you somehow get high enough to attack its red head. However, you (and any other mob or NPC, for that matter) will take 75 damage, be inflicted with stun, and be propelled straight downward if you are under this giant when it lands or is in the process of landing from its hopping movements; if the knockback propels you into dirt or sand, the offending substrate will be destroyed but you will not go as far as you would if you were going through air. Note that the Giant Foot will deal 25 damage, less knockback, no terrain destruction, and no stun if you are hit in water, and damage is inflicted upon contact with ground (you take damage instantly if you are already on the ground).
    Simply bumping into the creature while it is jumping will deal even heavier knockback but no damage (it'll still send you right through dirt and sand, though).

    Movement: Moves solely through jumps which propel the 10-meter high mob 20 meters in the air under earth-like conditions. A shadow is visible under the foot while it is hopping to warn you of the impending squashing.

    As you'd expect from a creature with only one leg, Giant Feet cannot swim.

    Behavior when tamed: Obviously taming a creature this big is going to be hard. To tame a giant foot, you need to feed it somewhere between 10 and 30 plant-based food items - the number is random for each mob. Feeding them will only work if you are roughly at eye-level to the giant foot!

    Giant feet follow you by hopping. They are no longer passive mobs when tamed, and will try to bounce on top of hostile mobs that try to attack you, making this a very useful mob to tame. Note that it is still just as possible for you to get flattened as it is for your foes! It is strongly advised not to bring other tamed monsters with you when you have a giant foot in your party, as they will likely die quickly in the heat of combat due to friendly stomping by the Giant foot. It's also not a good idea to bring this monster with you to mountainous planets where it is highly likely to step on you...

    Drops - Three items are dropped by the giant foot. 50% of all giant foots slain will drop Giant eyes, which have no practical purpose but can be worn as hats that cover your whole face (creepy.....). Roughly 30% will drop chipped toenails, which can be used to make a strong hatchet and shovel for clearing away vegetation, dirt, and hostile mobs (each swing deals 20 damage). About 1% of slain giant foots drop Razor Nails, which create an even stronger hatchet which will cleave rock and deal 40 damage to all struck by it! The razor nail hatchet partially ignores armor as well, and so will make short work of noobs if you are lucky enough to get one (remember, it's a rare drop from a rare monster that is very hard to kill unless you happen to have a bucket of water on you).

    The giant foot.PNG
  2. turntechGodhead

    turntechGodhead Phantasmal Quasar

    This would be such an immersion breaker. But it would be an awesome one.
  3. Grah the great

    Grah the great Aquatic Astronaut

    What do you mean by "immersion breaker"?
  4. turntechGodhead

    turntechGodhead Phantasmal Quasar

    Something that breaks immersion is something that seems out of place. I'm not calling the idea bad, I just think it would be...out of place. It would be fun(ny) in-game.
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  5. Grah the great

    Grah the great Aquatic Astronaut

    OHHHH...ok. Thanks. The intention is for it to be somewhat funny, actually...
  6. Crazyon

    Crazyon Master Astronaut

    How did you get that screen around your monster?

    This thing would be funny to see :rofl: !
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  7. ChaoticGamer

    ChaoticGamer Master Astronaut

    hmmm I would love see something out of the ordinary that is...not normal.
  8. hirakhos

    hirakhos Phantasmal Quasar

    There was a monster in Lost Kingdoms that was just a leg, with the face on the bottom of the foot.
    It attacked you by stamping on you.
  9. Dream

    Dream Poptop Tamer

    Located near the top of this thread:

    The idea seems a bit too silly and the spriting needs a ton of work on, no offence. The concept is a good one but then again, would it really fit in the game, perhaps it could be made in a mod, if we had the people to do that but personally I wouldn't want it too much.

  10. Azazel

    Azazel Void-Bound Voyager

    This one is a creepy one.
    Like the drops, as well as the suggestion.
  11. Dream

    Dream Poptop Tamer

    Now I really read the drops again, god that is smart thinking but also disgusting. :p

  12. Azazel

    Azazel Void-Bound Voyager

    'Tis, isnt it.
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  13. Crazyon

    Crazyon Master Astronaut

    Ah, I know where it is...I just cant figure out how to put stuff in it.
  14. Dream

    Dream Poptop Tamer

    Well have the sprite, drag it on the background, you'll have it there.
  15. Dwagon

    Dwagon Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

    "Dopefish Lives!"
    Include that and I'm sold.
    EDIT: And I suddenly feel old...holy crap.
  16. GunmanRex

    GunmanRex Oxygen Tank

    *Walking around*
    *Shadow form*
    *Squashed by the giant foot*
    Great and funny idea.:up:

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