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    The Spivorator are a race of gluttons that travel the universe to feast on other intelligent life. They serve under the rule of their matriarch the Regivas. They anatomically resemble sea urchins and are dangerously smart.

    Loot and drops:
    Poisonous spines: deadly dart like spines that cover their body, useful for making weapons.
    Spivorator Brain: the big brain of this evil creature, useful for cloning.

    Environment and Habitat:
    These creatures normally inhabit oceanic and water based planets, but will also live in there giant war ships.

    Spawn Rate and Spawning Conditions:

    The Spivorator only spawns on high level planets, and their spawning rate increases in rarity with the decrease of the amount of water on a planet, with water only planets yielding high spawn rates, and waterless planets yielding zero spawn rates.

    Health, Mana, Energy and Armor:
    The Spivorators have a large amount of health and depend on energy compared to mana, they also have strong armor that can deal poison damage back to the player if they come into contact with it.

    The Spivorators move on two legs, they also move quite slowly. They have the ability to roll into a ball form for charging at their opponent, which is quite fast, but also puts strain on their bodies. they roll mostly when on the ocean floor.

    Attacks and Damage:
    The Spivorator Attack by either swinging their arm down on their player, or by rolling into a ball and charging at them. They also have alloy swords and can use turrets.

    Spivorator Card.png

    This Is my idea for a playable race, if you guys over at ChuckleFish have anything you want to change to this than your more than welcome. if there is anything else you world like to know than post so in the comments. the poll is just fore the community to post how they feel about this creature. Thanks for taking your time to read it.

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