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  1. MrDragco

    MrDragco Big Damn Hero

    The Hive

    So to start off this idea came to fix a bit the void of diggin underground to give that extra somthing and to give more reason of trying to dig down and look for them.

    Those mob's dont have a name yet.


    The Hive exists like most hives do of workers-soldiers and a queen.
    They can be found all over the planets but are a rare encounter.

    Size of the Hive :
    Depends on dificulty lvl of the planet
    Higher lvl Planet = Bigger/Stonger Hive (more chambers)

    What Planet?
    Any planet where there is life to feed on even if there is no Hive when you land on the planet they can come in ,on meteors and start building there hive If you ignore them the Hive will get Bigger and stronger.(Maybe display a message when they land and when the queen gets killed)


    Health : Have a large amount of health that makes them hard to kill on any lvl of the planet making them allways a challange.
    Damage : Low damage as they use there numbers to take down there prey.
    Abilitie : They jump on there prey , slashing and stabing on landing.


    Health : Low health as they dont need it , there job is to feed the queen and build the hive.
    Damage : The only defencive abilitie they have is spitting acid balls that do a low amount of damage.
    Abilitie : can destroy blocks 2x2 to get to the player and make way for the soldiers.

    *Hive Queen

    Health : Huge amount of health
    Damage : Low damage (can both slash and stab and spit acid) but she can't move.
    Abilitie : Summons 2-3 soldiers and 2 workers every so seconds to keep herself protected, you can only destroy a hive by killing the queen.

    Rewards :
    You can get a 2-3 raw materials after killing the queen for making one of the high ends armors you will need to colect 30-50 of them so you will have to find more then one hive and when you will have one it will be more awarding!
    And / Or one of the 3-4 weapons that only can trop by killing the queen.

    Thank you for reading

    Ps : Sorry for my English.
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  2. DraconX

    DraconX Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Nice idea !
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  3. Cockatoo

    Cockatoo Big Damn Hero

    Sounds like a great idea dude.
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  4. Ohsillyus

    Ohsillyus Sandwich Man

    Sounds liek a fun dungeon idea but I hardly like the idea of it being mandatory for high end armors.
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  5. MrDragco

    MrDragco Big Damn Hero

    Well see the armor like a vanity item it doesnt have to be a good one just speciaal looking or so :)
  6. Elate

    Elate Spaceman Spiff

    I agree with this, the idea is good. I was thinking about making something similar for a mod but the complexities elude me. However, having the player be required to grind 20+ hives to get high end armour? That doesn't sound fun at all. I think at best they should drop unique items, maybe weapons or some special object.

    Even still, there are enough vanity items that I can't see many players bothering.
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  7. MrDragco

    MrDragco Big Damn Hero

    Well i was thinking about it as somthing you can do if you done almost all so you can put some time into that.. so you can have a goal to do

    Thats the point a bit aswell so the player has some goals
    Now end game leaves you with nothing no real enemys and that bothers me a bit :/
    even now am jumping from planet to planet and nope still nothing new
  8. TheApothecanary

    TheApothecanary Starship Captain

    As long as the creatures making up the hive are randomly generated for each planet, I am for this.
  9. Ohsillyus

    Ohsillyus Sandwich Man

    Randomly generated with a bug theme I'd assume.
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  10. MrDragco

    MrDragco Big Damn Hero

    Well no the hive will be rondom generated but the species will stay allways the same " something like Alien" they build hives all over the universe .
  11. Ohsillyus

    Ohsillyus Sandwich Man

    Why not expand on that? Give them related but different looking and behaving parts. so one hive might have tons of flyer tye insects while another has ones wwith multiple scythelike arms for swiping etc. So long as they all feel like the same creatures mutated differently.
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  12. MrDragco

    MrDragco Big Damn Hero

    Well its all good as the spiecies look like they evolved from same race :)

    To be honest i would like them just to implement such a idea of Hives!! no matter how they genarate looks hehehe !
    My thing is to fill the empty underground and give extra goals to the player :) so nice sugestion i bet they can make it work!

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