The Hunter's Society: All in Love and War

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If Chucklefish agreed, would you guys want an official bound Starbound spin-off story?

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  3. Silly DrakoGlyph, Chucklefish won't agree to such a thing even if you licensed it. (I CAN DREAM!)

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  1. DrakoGlyph

    DrakoGlyph Void-Bound Voyager

    I'm starting an epic series (let's see how long I remain interested... I swear I'm really a Novakid...) based in the Starbound Universe. At its core is the Hunter's Society, the premier Bounty Hunter Service of the galaxy.

    The story follows sisters Octyl and Astra (Oxycetyl) Quasar, their Mentor Wise Shijoji, and his newest student, Heartmender Ahouizotl. After the Origin story of these four, I'd like to make it more episodic, which will let you guys send in your suggestions and characters for inclusion (due to the fact I'm only one person I can only accept so much, though if it does become popular enough I'd love to expand it to other mediums than writing)

    The Story is hosted on Wattpad:

    I appreciate feedback--having the reader's interest will keep me plugging along on this story. Who knows, maybe it may make it into vanilla codex entries? (One can dream...)

    Anyway, enjoy and critique.

    Also Fun Fact: I listen to the Starbound Soundtrack most often when I'm writing this
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