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  1. unstoppable

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    The Infested-Dead corpse virused by tentacles causing the dead corpse move its whole tentacled body inflicts poison(Virus)

    Bio Samples-can be researched,traded
    Tentacles-Can Be traded common
    Gold-craftable very rare
    Bloody Suit-Traded or Wearable

    Any Populated city with mostly slained humans

    Spawn Rate
    90% mostly they are in will mostly spawn on the ground
    50% of revival which the zombie will have a half body that it only crawls

    Spawn Condition
    Must be night.if spawns on morning it will just burn to death dropping nothing


    It Consumes 5 Energy to throw its on guts to deal ranged damaged.Inflicts Poison(50%),won't work on half bodied infesteds,damage 2
    Normal Attack will deal 4 damage and inflicts Virus

    Ill make the book tomorow-Time in phil(7:54pm here)
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  2. KuroHinotori

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    Why does it drop gold, I get the energy thing is used for combat but I don't understand how a corpse would have energy if it's a mass of tentacles. Also, I think this would be a cooler idea for a more boss-like mob (reminds me of Ouroboros from Resident Evil 5) rather than a %90 spawn rate. There should be an explanation for why it burns in the sunlight.
  3. unstoppable

    unstoppable Industrial Terraformer

    so i gona change it
    so it drops random item but it will still drop bloody suit biosamples and tentacles
    so we can make the zombie throw an guts normally without energy?
    Burned from sunlight because weakness of zombies are sun right

    i uploaded the picture i used ms paint sorry for that

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  4. Ariskelis

    Ariskelis Ketchup Robot

    I'm pretty sure you're thinking of VAMPIRES, that are weak to the sun. I've never heard of a zombie that is harmed by the sun, aside from Minecraft zombies.
  5. unstoppable

    unstoppable Industrial Terraformer

    zombies run away when suns appear?
  6. unstoppable

    unstoppable Industrial Terraformer

    Sorry for double post

    Zombie burn from the sun
    UV output very high
    The higher the UV the faster the zombie burns
  7. KuroHinotori

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    Zombies don't burn and they aren't intelligent enough to run away. At least, if we're talking about typical zombies. There are tons of zombie threads though and I don't think we need ANOTHER game with zombies.

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