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Discussion in 'NPCs and Creatures' started by cecil1994, Jul 19, 2013.

  1. cecil1994

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    I love the idea of being able to hurt your "friends". But sometimes, orbital strikes aren't subtle enough. So i thought up a little parasitical creature, called the Infester, that can be created in labs(but not controlled) or found randomly on a planet very randomly. Infesters leap around quite quickly and are generally found in large numbers, making up for a lack of fortitude and terror of fire. They pop into heads, and after a while, if the target hasn't cleansed himself (antidotes, burning yourself, dieing) they will kill the target and replace it with an Infested. Infesteds pretty much just run over to the nearest mob(players, npcs) and explode, creating around 5 new infesters. If the Infested is put down, around 2 Infesters spring from its corpse. And the cycle repeats. There's also a chance for them to be found naturally in a homeworld, a nice surprise for the new residents.

    This could be a hard to get, but devastating weapon. Beam down to a homeworld and (if the settings allow griefing) release the little buggers in an isolated section of the planet. Given time, they will control the whole planet. Or maybe infect a food shipment or something. Besides, they would only drop rotten flesh and other, similarly useful objects.

    I'm probably going to do some art in a bit but I'm posting this through my phone and can't now.

    Also, I know it's not that great of an idea, just something I thought up when I was bored.

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  3. Anchorshag

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    A lot of science fiction stories encumpass a number of races. Wether they're friendly with eachother or not there is usually some overarching evil that all races must unite against.
    (See: Halo Flood, Firefly Reavers, etc.)
    I would like this if they weren't player controlled but a threat to everyone that had to be controlled and contained. And blown up, of course.
  4. cecil1994

    cecil1994 Star Wrangler

    Yeah, they can't be controlled. They can be created, and released as a weapon. Sorry if I didn't make this clear.
  5. cecil1994

    cecil1994 Star Wrangler

    And by weapon, I mean like ruining someone's homeworld.
  6. cecil1994

    cecil1994 Star Wrangler

    Well yeah, but remember Tiy talking about the server no griefing setting? That would disable these on homeworlds.

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