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Good idea to add a gigantic metal space squid to the game?

  1. YES

  2. NO

  3. With certain modifications to the concept, yeah.

  1. Op-Tec

    Op-Tec Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Introducing: The INSHIPATOR
    As you reach level six on you'r ship, a metallic space squid SMASHES into you'r ship. You have to move around the ship, reconnecting destroyed wires in order to electrocute the monster. If you die, you re-spawn at you'r ship. You are unable to leave the ship until the battle is over. You don't need a weapon in order to win. Damage WILL be done to you'r ship, but not to items inside. You need to repair the ship afterwards with the materials the monster drops and materials from the system you are in. You will not be able to leave the system until the ship is repaired.

    The inshipator drops many different materials throughout you'r ship as you damage it. For every claw destroyed you acquire computer parts and other mechanically related parts. Also, power rods will be left behind, allowing you to upgrade you'r ship engine (related to my "space combat" post).


    Spawn Conditions:

    Spawns when you'r ship is upgraded to maximum level.

    The inshipator clings onto your ship, and dose not move until defeated.

    The squid uses it's metal claws to strike through the ship's hull, targeting the player, or alternatively it uses a massive laser to melt through you'r ship.
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  2. Bill Cipher

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    I could just play out the scene in my head; the ship shakes. The lights soon go out, and a horrifying screech is heard. You take out your flashlight and search the ship, revealing the Inshipator. Then the battle would begin. While I've never thought of it, a boss that attacks your ship would be an amazing idea. The logic in here has a flaw though. How do you survive the breach in the ship? Surely that'd fling you out into space when you get close. Then again, Starbound hasn't clung to logic too many times...
  3. Op-Tec

    Op-Tec Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Well in the new update, the air-tight nano-skin seems to stay on forever. So, air would never be a problem in that case...

    Also, could a paraphrase that description u wrote into the post?
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