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  1. Secondkingstons

    Secondkingstons Aquatic Astronaut

    Description: The J'hnnorvus (Pronounced Jin-orr-vis) are a hive mind collective bent on the destruction of all inferior species in the universe, which unless you haven't already guessed, is everyone who ins't J'hnnorvus. They normally possess extremely sharp scythe-like appendages that protrude grotesquely from their exoskeletons. Their bodies are plated with natural armor, highly resistant against intense heat. Four long spindly legs hold up the body, each tipped with sharp talons. They stride awkwardly across alien landscapes in search of living organisms to attack. Yes, a truly fearsome beast indeed, however I haven't even began to explore the insect's notorious venom.

    Habitats: Due to the adaptive nature of the J'hnn, they can be found anywhere (Higher level planets). However, they are found usually on Tentacle Planets. However it is very uncommon to spot one.

    Ailities: Each spine, claw, tooth, or sharp edge is most likely coated in J'hnn Venom. This isn't your everyday snake-bite venom which makes you queasy after a few hours. The venom is extremely deadly, once injected into any biological tissue, the venom will mutate the creature to a shambling mass of flesh and twitching muscles. The J'hnn will use this to its advantage, converting local wildlife to aid in its motives. The venom will trick cells into producing more cells, quickly producing more body mass to make into limbs and appendages. Large sharp spines and limbs will tear out of the creature's skin and reach for their enemies. If there are any wildlife around, the mutant will consume them whole, converting the cells of the prey into tissues to work with. However, the mutant will slowly die off after a given amount of time, or if there is no organic mass to feed its hunger for flesh.

    The J'hnnorvus has an array of abilities at its disposal, such as burrowing quickly in the ground to dodge an attack, or spraying volatile liquids at the Player to disorient or blind his or her vision. The most basic attacks however are quick jabs or swipes with the J'hnn's limbs. The Player must remember that any melee damage done by the J'hnn will mutate the Player, causing the inevitable death. It is best advised to attack from a distance, since the J'hnn itself isn't very quick. Armor does not protect from venomous swipes, be warned!

    A unique ability of the J'hnn is that they are able to adapt quickly to many situations. If the J'hnn begins to take damage, the effectiveness of the weapon will decrease by every swing/shot. Sometimes, the weapon won't be able to deal any damage, since the exoskeleton quickly adapted to evolve a resistance against that weapon. It also takes a bit of time to kill a J'hnn, since their exoskeletons are tough. So it is not unusual for a brave soul to take along a few weapons when facing a J'hnn.

    Loot: Of course, there would be little motivation to attack unless there was no substantial rewards. There is a small chance of a Puddle of Mutagent. If applied to a melee weapon, there will be a small chance after each hit to convert your enemy into a mutant, under your own control! However, your mutants also will turn on you if there is no enemies present. Keep in mind, if you attack your mutant with the weapon with the venom coated on it, it will heal the beast, instead of harming it.

    Tell me what you think! Just don't be rude :)
    EDIT: Pictures soon!

  2. Unendingfear

    Unendingfear Cosmic Narwhal

    The biggest problem I see here is that the whole, "destroy all other life insectoid hive-mind race" has been done in many places.
    The Tyranid and the Zerg are just two common examples from big franchises.
  3. TayzerStrike

    TayzerStrike Space Hobo

    I agree with Unendingfear, hive-mind races are just over done, sorry. :/
  4. Manry

    Manry Void-Bound Voyager

    They sound a bit like Tyranids or Zerg. I love it!

    Sure, hiveminds have been done. Most things have. But is there really something wrong with a gruesome, spindly alien race always trying to sink its claws into you? I think an antagonistic species would be very cool.
  5. Unendingfear

    Unendingfear Cosmic Narwhal

    There's nothing wrong with the concept of a hive mind race. It can make for something interesting and exciting.
    It's just this particular format - destructive, hive-mind, insects - is a tad overdone.
  6. Secondkingstons

    Secondkingstons Aquatic Astronaut

    My main focus was on a creature that created monsters from usually harmless or nonthreatening enemies, instead of a collective of pure evil ants. To me I just love the concept of an diabolical race of oversized ants that assimilates others via mutation or other ways...
  7. Nightly

    Nightly Cosmic Narwhal

    Gotta love those hive minds. Oh those silly tyranids, viciously ravaging planets in order to feed their ever growing army of death and terror traveling though space. Who dun't love em?

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