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    Another marsupial-based concept, the kowari is a meat-eating marsupial about the size of a small rat. For the sake of starbound's camera, however, we will increase it in size to a football or a guinea pig.

    Spawn conditions - Spawns in deserts - and ONLY in deserts. They spawn in groups of 2-5 and groups never spawn less than 100 meters apart in order to avoid starvation in their harsh environment.

    HP - Kowaris have half as much health as the player. They have no manna nor an especially high armor value, but they do have five special points.

    Attacks and how to provoke - The kowari is a neutral mob - they normally simply look at you and do not attack. However, they will attack any other mob nearby with no more than double their max health. If a kowari is attacked, it will retaliate aggressively, although the other kowaris will still ignore the assilant unless they are themselves attacked.

    The kowari's main attack is a bite that deals damage equivalent to a fifth the player's health. The bite deals some knockback to give the target some breathing room. Against foes with either higher attack or higher max health than itself, kowaris can use a special attack known as mirage - the kowari teleports to the other side of the quarry, leaving behind an afterimage that fades in one second. Mirage costs one special point and, when fighting against a player, will usually be triggered by gunfire (which will also aggravate all kowaris on screen, giving the player valid reason for refraining from shooting a kowari). If a kowari successfully kills something, both its HP and SP are restored.

    Movement - Moves at a constant shuffling rate similar to a mouse, walking. Runs in a similar fashion to a dog, but only runs if aggravated and attacking. Can teleport. If chasing prey, can jump as high as the player can.

    Behavior when tamed - Kowaris, like their cousins the quolls (which I described in a previous post), can easily be tamed by feeding them an item dropped by another neutral or hostile mob. Unlike quolls, however, kowaris are loyal to their masters and will not betray them if not fed (although regularly feeding them is advised as it will heal their wounds). Kowaris assist their owners in battle and use mirage more frequently than they would in their wild state.

    Drops - The Kowari drops items very similar to those that quolls drop. About 50% of the time they drop a Kowari fang, which can be used to make a dagger that enables the wielder to use the Mirage strike if they have 3 battery power. While using mirage strike, the player will teleport behind the target and deal out the equivalent of a third his health bar in damage: the attack has a 1/4 chance of critical hitting, but the user cannot move for a whole second after using Mirage strike.

    In addition, about 2% of the time a Baby Kowari will be dropped. Baby kowaris need to be fed constantly, but once fully grown are automatically tamed.

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