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    The Lýkos are a race of sentient bipedal wolves. They come in the following colours: Gray, Light Gray, Dark Gray, Blue-Black, Black, White and so forth. They have yellow eyes and medium sized tails. they are 35px high. Females have green eyes.
    The Lýkos were only just leaving the Stone Age when a Miniknog Research vessel land on Foliá, the Lýkos homeworld, the Lýkos were savage, tribal warriors that had a simple pack hierarchy, much like modern wolves. The Miniknog researchers took a hundred back with the for study, and what they found was amazing. Lýkos posses an uncanny ability to learnother languages quickly, which enabled the researchers a far better view into Lýkos culture. And what they found was amazing. The Lýkos were originally completely hostile, attacking enemy packs on sight, but after Uplifting they are much less aggressive, but will start wars over territorial infringements by other races. They don't trust readily, but as arule they trust Apex instantly.
    Lýkos live in a pack hierarchy that is ruled by the Alpha Male and Alpha Female. The system is as follows:

    Young Subordinates
    Omegas (Criminals)

    Lýkos packs would number in the dozens; the bigger the pack, the safer. The position of Alpha is easily contested, whoever kills the Alpha male, is declared the new Alpha and their mate, the second. Nowadays, packs form alliances, the biggest pack-alliance is the race's governing body, it is called the Fengári Aftokratoría. The gods they worshipped, and still do, are called The Moon Father and The Sky Mother. They used to perform live sacrifices to these gods, but now offer material possessions. Some Lýkos choose to leave their pack and explore the Universe, while technically this gives them the rank of Omega, the government ignores them as long as it provides trade for the Lýkos people. They constantly refer to members of other races as "prey", regardless of whether or not they intend to eat the "prey", it likely came from the Lýkos hunting instinct. When used in a sentence it looks like this: "Yes, prey?" Or "What does the prey want". They refer to other Lýkos as "hunters" and pack members as "hunt-kin".

    Structure, Tech and Weapons
    Lýkos built small read and mud huts, used primitive weaponry and had no advanced technology until the Miniknog came. Now they build steel towns, just enough for a pack to live in. They build everything with wolf-like adornments, for example: A ship's cockpit would be in the shape of a wolf head, or, a gun would have an open wolf haed at the end of the barrel.
    Since the Arrival, as the Lýkos call it, their technology has soared, the posses laser technology, FTL travel and inter-stellar communication. Their warriors favour the Sword, Spear and Axe, while also supporting these with sniper rifles, assault rifle, pistols and shotguns. They have unique technology called the "Lýkos Eye" it is a small handheld devices which provides accurate information about anything it scans.

    Armour Concept
    Called: Pup's Set
    Consists of: Pups Circlet, a ear encircling circlet
    Pup's Vest, a sleeveless leather vest with iron shoulders and studs
    Pup's Loincloth, a leather loincloth, nuff said
    Called: Wolf's Set
    Consists of: Wolf's Mask, a steel mask that covers the face
    Wolf's Breastplate. full body armour
    Wolf's Leggings, full leg armour
    Called: Warrior's Set
    Consists of: Warriors Helmet: a full head, wolf-shaped helmet
    Warrior's Chestpiece, a chestpiece that has wolf head adornment, like the Wolf Armour in Skyrim.
    Warrior's Leggings, Like Wolf's leggings but with similarities to the Warrior's Chestpiece
    Called: Omega's Set
    Consists of: Omega's Hood, a gray, almost black hood, with the Lýkos T2 helmet
    Omega's Trappings, a gray open robe with a durasteel chestpiece adorn with a snarling wolf's head underneath
    Omega's Lower Robe, a gray lower robe with metal boots
    T5a (ranged)
    Called: Howler's Set
    Consists of: Howler's Headgear, a lower face aegisalt mask, shaped like the lower face of a Lýkos
    Howler's Breastplate, a sleeveless aegisalt breastplate with wolf head shoulderpads
    Howler's Greaves, aegisalt greaves with wolf headknee pads
    T5b (melee)
    Called: Feaster's Set
    Consists of: Feaster's Helmet, an open-faced violium helmet, shaped like a Lýkos head
    Feaster's Chestpiece, a violium chestpiece with a white claw mark on it
    Feaster's Leggings, violium leggings with white claw marks
    T5c (defense)
    Called: Defender's Set
    Consists of: Defenders Mask, a Rubium helmet with an open visor and ear slots
    Defenders Vest, a Rubium sleevless vest with gauntlets and a moon insignia in the center
    Defender's Greaves, Rubium greaves with a black loincloth
    Called: Moonstalker's Set
    Consists of: Moonstalker's Hood, a black hood with a full Ferozium mask, shaped like a Lýkos head
    Moonstalkers Chestguard, a ferozium chestguard with a full moon in the center and a black scarf/lower hood thing
    Moonstalker's Leggings, ferozium leggings with a missing knee guard on one legging
    T6b (melee)
    Called: Alpha's Set
    Consists of: Alpha's Crown, an impervium mask, shaped like a Lýkos head, with a crown atop it.
    Alpha's Guarding, a large impervium chestpiece with numerous grey claw and slash marks
    Alpha's Greaves, impervium greaves with a small cape
    T6c (defense)
    Called: Protector's Set
    Consists of: Protector's Mask, a cerulium full head mask, shaped like a Lýkos head.
    Protector's Bulwark, a cerulium chestpiece pitted with bullet marks, claw marks and sword marks
    Protector's Legguards, cerulium legguards marked by battle damage

    A gray and white sleek design, the cockpit is styled like a wolf head. The tech panel is gray with white outlining, the ship locker is the same, the AI is a gray-blue wolf
    Gray with white outlining, cockpit is a wolf's head, the sails are curved, battle damage everywhere
    Ftl repaired
    Underside room added
    Length extended with an other room added
    Adds another room to the underside
    Adds an upper section with 2 rooms
    Adds another underside room and 3 length rooms
    The ship pet is a small wolf pup, that comes in the colours that Lýkos can come in.

    Character Customization
    Fur Colour: Listed at start
    Ear type: Ranging from straight, torn lowered, flattened, etc
    Clothing: A torn shirt and pants, Leather shirt with bracers and leather pant, cloth shirt and pants
    Tail position

    Racial Abilities
    Slightly faster health regen
    Slightly faster movements speed
    The "Examine" button gives less of a speculation and more of a factual statement.

    Respawn Animation
    A cave being formed then a Lýkos comes out.

    Thank you for reading this inane babble. Please tell me what you think.
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    Hmmm. Interesting. I am actually at this moment working on a totally different wolf race, but this is cool!
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    I really don't get the whole "learns languages fast thing". Is it meant to be magic? Are they telepathic? Because, if they're meant to be really smart, I don't see why they'd have been savages and even after uplifting worship gods.

    Also it doesn't really seem to fit in and is never referenced again. I'm assuming you did it so that they could communicate with the Apex? The civilized races already have universal translators. Though they are not perfect (ever tried speaking to the Agaran?), it could easily work if they adapted it.

    Otherwise, I dunno. The whole tribal thing and then given technology has already happened with the Avians. Avians worship a god like the Lykos do aswell and they even have/had sacrifices. Honestly, these guys just look like Avians with a wolf colour job.

    That said, I do like the idea of playing as a wolf person, and I feel like you had this too and then quickly came up with a story to fit them. I'd still download this as a mod as I don't care much about background story.

    Also be careful with the whole ship with a wolf head thing. It's okay if it's just the cockpit, but if you try and make the whole thing a wolf, you'll end up on the path of the Hylotl koi fish. RIP KOI FISH!
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    What if the quick langauge learning deal was an implementation of the miniknog? The first 100 could have been victim of tests which have heightened certain senses but not all of them, hence the ability to understand languages, but retain a simple mind and hostile set mind.
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    @HunterC1998 That makes sense, but makes me think they'd be more hostile to the Apex, because tests were performed on them.
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    @Glitchspeare Sorry I said that wrong, they weren't victims, they were taken to be "enlightened". Like the Miniknog were trying to spread their influence and gain followers, but they turned away from these teachings, not rebelliously , but stayed around long enough to gain unique abilities
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    The ship only has a wolf head. The language thing was based of the Predators, because of their superior larynx they can perfectly replicate sounds and quickly pick up languages.
    Like above.
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    Kinda counter-intuitive considering actual canines have very limited larynx which can only make barks and whines and such. I've never seen Alien vs predator (which is what I'm assuming you meant by predator), but it still makes little sense.
    Being able to copy someone accurately =/= easy understanding of language. We have yet to have any highly intelligent parrots. *looks at Avian* Oh wait... (Although calling Avians intelligent might be a stretch)
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    I believe he means that the advancement of the larynx may have had to be in part from the "Miniknog 100", and with the extreme advancement of technology, they made it a standard to keep the modified larynx so they can contribute to their pack.
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    Okay that makes more sense, but in his original post it says that "what they found was amazing. Lýkos posses an uncanny ability to learnother languages quickly". Which would insinuate that they didn't do anything to the Lykos to make them learn quickly (otherwise it wouldn't have been a suprise).
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    This makes sense and I completely agree.

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