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  1. Neatski

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    The leachen, scourge of the deep-sea, also known as 'that one thing that always sinks boats.'

    Slimy skin - 70%, used to coat your weapons with some sticky slime, which has a 50% chance of slowing enemies
    Small Tooth - 33.3%, can be used as a vanity item, to give the character fangs
    Sturdy Rock - 15%, only has a chance of dropping if you defeat it by destroying it's rock-base, and can be used to make various items more durable

    Appears on many planets, always dep in a pool/lake/ocean of liquid near the bottom. The different liquids it lies in affects it's color (i.e. in lava it's red, in acid it's green).

    Spawn Rate/Spawning Conditions
    Uncommon spawn rate, and can never spawn outside of a liquid
    Leachen damage scale.png
    Damage Scale: Reasonable health, and a fair amount of armor. It's weakest points are it's smaller appendages, and then the two main heads, and the base has a very high defense.

    It doesn't move all too much, but when it needs to, the smaller parts latch onto nearby surfaces (like Terraria's grappling hook)

    Leachen deals damage by stretching it's heads to bite the opponent, the bigger the head the more the damage

    Leachen.png Largeness grid.png

    P.S. If anyone can think of a better name, I'm listening

    EDIT: Made some armor based off of this here guy.
    Leachen armor.png
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  2. ChaoticGamer

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    it doesn't look like remind me thous sea coral that have....what you call thous thing that produce like jelly fish....
  3. Rocksta37

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    RELEASE THE LEACHEN!Love the idea.The drops and loot are also nice but it should drop atleast 1 peice of equipment and by the drops you made right now,it should be rare.Good job,keep coming up with new ideas!
  4. Eccentric

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    Wow this is just plain creepy.
    I wouldn't mind running away from it.
  5. Neatski

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    A piece of equipment on it would be a good idea, but what would you have in mind for it?
  6. Rocksta37

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    Maybe armor made from it's teeth and some other materials?When an enemy hits you,it gets damaged by the teeth on your armor.
  7. GunmanRex

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    This is really cool
  8. Neatski

    Neatski Phantasmal Quasar

    A good idea came to me, check it out:
    Leachen armor.png
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  9. RiceCrispy

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    These look pretty cool. Also, maybe you could call them Mareons? idk, Leachen sounds good enough.
  10. Rocksta37

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