The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

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    There doesn't seem to be a topic on this, so I figured I'd square it away and make one for all to discuss if desired.

    Got my hands on this beautiful game, along with the Switch on launch and a gamepad more suited for it, and really enjoyed everything about it, including how large Hyrule is in comparison to other Zelda games.

    You might die a few times at first and indeed it's much more tougher than any other Zelda game out there, but even then, it's just a stepping stone to getting better at it, not to mention finding and scavenging things like weapons and food to keep yourself alive.
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    Well, evidently you can finish the game in just 15 mins from the start, so that's definitely something new. :rofl:
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    There kiiiiinda is a topic on it? I mean, not directly, but yeah, there's a Switch thread and since the only game worth mentioning is Breath of the Wild, it was kinda discussed in there for a little bit?

    Sooooooo... Current status: (Spoilered in case anything might be considered a spoiler)

    Nine heart containers, only got the stamina upgrade once so far (gonna get more later, for reasons), got all the towers minus... like... 3 of them, haven't conquered any of the Divine Beasts, and I think I found two of the labyrinths but I can't quite reach them yet. Also, still looking for 8 memories. Tamed three horses, one of which is the Giant Horse. Don't have Epona because I don't have the right Amiibo. :/ Must get. Did a lot of Treasure Hunting courtesy of the Sensor+ upgrade, though I went back to Shrine hunting because I kept getting one-shot by Guardians when I tried to claim the Central Tower.

    I plan on returning to the main storyline when I upgrade to 13 heart tanks. If you already know what that means, great! If you don't, then don't worry about it... FOR NOW. Just know that you'll probably eventually want 13. Maybe. Unless you want to beat the game in 15 minutes.
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    I really love Breath of the Wild, I think Nintendo did a great job doing an 'open world' type game! None of the areas feel like filler content which a ton of games do.

    also Gerudo Link <3
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  5. Hidari

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    Lots of throwbacks and even some direct references to other LoZ games, too, makes it seem like it's worth it if you've already played the previous games. :DD

    Anyone else find Paya to be hilariously (or sickeningly) adorable?
  6. SleepySquidd

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    It was so sad seeing a lot of locations from older games in ruins and abandoned :( i liked the nostalgia tho....
  7. Hidari

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    I just got to the part with Gerudo Link. X3 Wasn't sure what you were talking about, but now I do.

    Status update: (Possible spoilers!)
    Currently invading the Yiga clan's hideout. I can definitely say that the best approach is MGS-style sneaking around and performing sneakstrikes. Had to put the game down for a bit since I kept failing to properly distract one of the guards. 10 heart containers and they can one-shot me? wth T-T
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    So yesterday, I was feeling kinda dumb, cause I've been scouring through the entire game like crazy in search for the trials, and I was up to about 106 of them, That's when I reminded myself;
    "Eyo, you know you could just have used that Sheikah Sensor you deactivated when you got it because you would get annoyed by that beeping noise, right?"
    Paused for a bit, and then thought;
    "Boy, that sure would have been useful to know about 70 shrines ago."
    And now I basically need to go through the entire freakin' map again. I cri evritim.
  9. Hidari

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    If you're like me and absolutely hate having to scour the entire map (even with the sensor) for shrines, and also Korok seeds, there's a community-driven map where people have been pinning shrine/seed/tower/town/stable/quest locations onto.

    While yes, it is kinda spoilery in spots, there's a point that some people reach when they simply get tired of wandering aimlessly and climbing all the things they can because they just aren't progressing and aren't sure where to go to find the next thing they need.

    I... should probably find a link to that map if you're interested. I don't have it bookmarked on this computer. @.@

    EDIT: Status Update!

    Only one Divine Beast remains (it's that friggin' camel in the desert). Found three out of four of the Great Fairies, and I just can't seem to find the last one. Finished the Hylian Homeowner quest--Link has a house now! Currently working on building Tarry Town. Found all of the memory locations. I'm currently trying to obtain all of the armors, then I'll focus on upgrading them. Oh yeah! I has the Master Sword nao. :3 It's pretty boss.
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  10. Merithor

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    Since 2 weeks ago I had gotten Breath of the Wild, I feel like I'm doing great.
    Honestly despite all the deaths I'd obtained, but beating Vah Ruta first made things easier. Which I find recommended as first despite the path to it is.. rough. ;P
    In a non-spoiler way of describing the Divines, here we are on what I can say difficulty wise.
    Medoh: Path to it is incredibly easy. Dungeon Easy. Boss Moderate. Power obtained is alright.
    Rudania: Path tedious, and moderate if obtained anything meant for the area. Dungeon Easy. Boss Moderate. Power obtained Great.
    Ruta: Path is a bit rough, and Extreme if you follow through a specific point. Dungeon Moderate, a bit confusing. Boss Easy. Power obtained Practical Must Need.
    Naboris: Path is rough. Dungeon is Moderate, much more confusing then Ruta. Boss is Rough, due to.. obvious reason once gotten there. Power obtained "I almost feel bad about the enemy".

    But heres my progresses in spoiler. As in one single, not Spoiler in spoiler. SO BE FRIGGIN WARNED.

    I beat Vah Ruta first with 5 hearts. WaterBlight is easy to read, and easy to handle with arrows entire fight.
    Spent most time Korok hunting and Shrine hunting. This ended with having 10 weapon slots, 7 bow slots, forgot shield count. Master Sword obtained at 13 hearts.
    Next Beast was Naboris, and goddamn, learning to Sand Seal was.. ugh. If it werent for that, I think it'd been easier. The dungeon is just long. But the problem here is ThunderBlight, godamn that speed. Second phase wasnt too bad once I knew what the hell was happening.
    Went straight for Medoh, and jeez, I feel bad for doing this one for how easy it was. WindBlight was.. lackluster compared to Water and Thunder.
    Another straight cause to the beast, at first didnt realize I needed to use Yonubo for the cannon on the beast, other then that, easy. Dungeon was easy. FireBlight was honestly the most fun, second phase I wasnt as confused as Thunder, remembering a similar enemy making that animation.

    Other then that, just Korok/Shrine hunting, and partial Lynel fisticuffs.
  11. Qtw

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    i am absolutly in LOVE with this game.
    i have been unable to play anything else. and i have played it for almost 2 weeks straight.
    i have not been this into a single game since world of warcraft....
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