Mob The Lost Ones

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    Occassionally encountered in the thickets of forests during nights without a moon.

    Perhaps local inhabitants will inform you of families residing in the area, unfortunate enough to discover their child gone. Perhaps, if you venture deep into the forests in the midst of night, you might notice small humanoid figures visible among the foliage. Turning around, you notice more of them. You try and approach them, but they apparently maintain their distance. After a short pause a single pebble is tossed in your general direction. Then, almost in unison, a large barrage of twigs, rocks, pebbles and even dead insects follows. Running away from the heart of the forest, while the shadows follow in pursuit, you finally reach the outskirts of the forest. Dead silence. They are nowhere to be seen. But each night they grow in number. Each night there are more missing children. Locals debate over burning down the entire forest.

    (Specific details are still being decided; in the meantime, feel free to give some input).
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    Where have I heard this.
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    There are probably a few similar variations of this in existence.
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