Story The Madness of Cadmium

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    Inspired by the Elder Fluid in Frackin' Universe!

    Deep-space expedition:
    Item #22: Audio logs, a Written document, and a vial of Elder fluid

    Enclosed in this envelope is several recordings of a Novakid, whom we presume to be the infamous criminal Dimethyl Cadmium, speaking of a liquid he called Elder Fluid, and a written document stating what happened after he had consumed the liquid found on the planet of Ethoi, of the system Neigel.
    In summary, He loses his mind following the drink.

    Attachment: Audio logs…

    1 “Voice recording on. Set and start.” Caddy’s voice is heard.
    “ After seeing a reaction like that, I just had to get my hands on it. This Elder fluid sounds… very fun. I saw it turn a caring Floran into a rambling mess. When I saw that I just had to get my hands on it. I don’t really know where to find it though, but mark my words, I will.” He pauses. The audio clips a bit before cutting.

    2 “Voice and start.” He speaks once again, more tired.
    “Alright, it has been 3 months since I have begun my search. Probably shoulda spoke with my friends before going out, but meh. I feel like I am close to my goal! From what I have gathered, there is a planet out this way that might have what I am looking for. It is called Ethoi.” He pauses as the shuffling of papers can be heard. “It’s a rogue planet on the edge of a galaxy the humans have called… GN-z11. Apparently this is one of the furthest things they could have seen. Pff, amateurs. That’s a hop and a skip away from here. I will fill in the remainder of the details once I find the planet.” The audio cuts more abruptly.

    3 The audio glitches a bit, assumedly it is the voice starting of each log.
    “I have found it. Two weeks of searching and asking any locals paid off! Lemme tell ya, there weren’t many locals here. Only some 2nd gen Novakid loonies.” He pauses and taps on a panel. “The planet of Ethoi is a… Sight, that’s for sure. I’m not sure what’s more depressing, the fact that is is falling apart or that is it is orbiting a Black hole. Whatever the case, it is a pitch black mess down there. No life, no atmosphere, nothin’. Not even some glowy rocks. Though, there are some spots where there is-” The audio cuts off here.

    4 The audio starts with a high beep and and a muffled voice of Caddy.
    “Ah!” He yelled as the sound of rocks hitting rock echoed in the audio track. “Hehe… That was close. News update, I have managed to find a pocket in this cave. The other spots were just weird colored lava and such. Probably mixed with this Elder fluid stuff. Anyway-” Audio clips. “-I think-” Clip. “-Yes. There it is. Boy it glows like me! Alright-” A loud clack is heard, assuming he had set the recording device down. “-I am goin’ to see if this stuff is what it is. I am going to drink it! If you are listening, wish me luck!” He stopped speaking and began to whistle. Shuffling can be heard as he presumably digs through a bag of sorts. Before anything else could happen, a splosh and a pouring noise occurred. “Not bad… Tastes kinda sweet-” He was cut off by his own groans. Gagging and scraping got closer to the audio device before it abruptly shut off.

    That was the last of the audio clips recovered from the planet Ethoi. Following is a written document of what followed after the presumed criminal had consumed the liquid. This document was recovered a few days after locating the audio equipment in a nearby shack. It seemed to be recently written and etched into the paper. The recovery team often heard scrambling and laughter near the shack. We had to reschedule a return visit to it. Then we discovered a vial of the Elder Fluid the audio had spoken of. Enclosed in this document is said document and vial. DON’T LET ANYONE DRINK IT.

    Attachment 2: The Madness of a Novakid

    I hear them. They are all here! Make them stop! I shouldn’t have drank that damned liquid! I see them now. They are coming for me. I have tried to board the door but it is breaking. I don’t know how long i can hold off against them. Their terrible screaming makes me tremble with fear. The king has come. He is holding my spear, oh god. They won’t stop coming ovwer the hill. I need to move upstairs.
    I have barricaded the trap door. The door downstairs must have givenway, I just heard it break! I can’t breathe. They are climbing the ladder. I hear his footsteps. The Don! He is out there, I know it. There is an endless sea of faces! Everywhere I look, they are there. I can’t see the ground out there, I can’t hear the noises of the planet. Everything is drowned out by them! I a completely surrounded. As i etch this into paper, I hear them clawing at the trapdoor. They are banging on it now! I don’t have much time. The army of the damned have arrived to take me to the next world to face my crimes.
    I’m sorry.
    They are almost through!
    HELP! They are here. They are touching my back!
    -A thick black line runs down the remainder of the page.-
    -The rest of the page has been torn off-

    End of Report.

    -Officer Etiul Hanar
    Miniknog Lead Science Officer.
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