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    The Matron is a powerful Weeping Angel/Lonely Assassin. For lore, please refer to the mob version here.

    The First Matron will be related to a quest, but can also be discovered beforehand by the player once they visit a specific, inhabited planet. The quest is given to the player by the leader-figure of this planet, who asks the player to investigate the odd dissappearances of other explorers.

    The Matron's appearance will be similar to those of her lesser siblings, though she will be much larger than them (the exact size can be up to the Dev's, perhaps only a few meters taller than the player and other Angels, or perhaps of gargantuan boss-size that towers over these players)

    When approaching the Matron and her altar, bodies of the other explorers can be found strewn about. She will explain that so many powerful beings have attempted to destroy her, but failed, and that she has used their life essence to become so powerful that the gaze of other beings no longer restricts her to her statue form.

    Her goal now that she has reserved enough strength after her last feeding, is to harvest the energy from the entire planet, and eventually the universe, and use that energy to "free" the rest of her race so that they may become a dominant species in this universe.

    After the defeat of the First Matron, she will escape from the player but leave the planet unharmed (this can be used as a leeway to another form of hers later in the game)

    Additional Matrons can be encountered afterwards, albiet very rarely, and they will be similarly built in health and abilities, but unlike the First, will be considered "lesser" and can be killed instead of escaping.

    Abilities and Weaknesses
    I'd expect the Matron's abilities to be similar to the mob-versions. I'll elaborate on this once I think of some unique abilities lol.

    (Upon first discovery of the First Matron) "So stands another "hero" before me. What say you worm? Come to slay me, as countless others have come before? Fool! I have transcended that pitiful weakness that plagues my race!"

    "I will be a god among mortals! WE will be gods! Your kind and many more will bow before me, and with your essence, so too shall my sisters be freed! When we are free, we will exact revenge on those who cursed us, and become the rulers of this universe!"

    (Upon defeat) "You think you have defeated me? Your weapons cannot kill a god! I will be back, worm. I will remember this day, and you will suffer for it!"

    (After the defeat of the First Matron, and upon discovery of other, unrelated lesser Matrons) "So you dare wish to test your mettle against me? Foolish mistake!"

    "You have chosen the wrong path, explorer... Give me your life, so that I may use that power to enter the world above, and crush all those who stand in our way to ascension."


    (Upon defeat, and death of these lesser Matrons) "But how?! We were supposed to be gods! GODS! How did you... Ahh! Aughhh!"

    "No! No!! What have you done! Forgive me my sisters! Eeeaauugh!"


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