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    A community project. . .

    Okay guys. This is a worldbuilding project that everyone can add a little to as long as we can get it to fit and make sense somehow and that it is in some way unique, and I know some people who might actually really like this idea. . .

    Some things below that everyone must consider, read the whole thing:

    Here is one quick thing though: Evil is a choice and a personality, not per-say a standard. But then again something different than human could have a different base personality/mind. (you still get your evil creatures even though they aren’t necessarily evil.)

    Also, don’t get upset because someone used a name for something, there are many ways to overcome this, and many more than I have written here:

    1 You could name it something else. If you can’t think of a good name and you are all for renaming them then just ask for suggestions

    2 If you had a planet/dimension named Uthu and you wanted to have something called dragons there but someone already used the name dragon, you could just call them Uthulian Dragons, and if someone called the name Uthu you could just call your world Uthu 2 or something.

    This last one here is for anyone trying to “stingy” a name or thing. If someone uses that name after you create it then they can as long as they follow way number 2 in the “used a name that someone else has used.” list and call their dragons Uthulian Dragons, but unless they write their dragons as coming from Durth they cannot just use a Durthan dragon and call it something else, instead Yyerp will have Durthan dragons. This is justified by the fact that dimesnions will have portals opening all over the place and thus a Durthan dragon can end up on Yyerp, or a Uthulian dragon on Durth. If a world uses the same magic system as another it has to call it what that magic system is called, if it is slightly different then blame it on stuff working differently there and just call it Durthan Halfing magic.

    And of course, when you want to seed a world of yours with someone else’s creature or magic, ask them first. Even if you saw it somewhere else than these forums. This includes using their world in your stories. Always ask.

    That out of the way, here are some things this universe needs:

    Cold Hell dimensions

    Fiery Hell dimensions

    Dark Hell dimensions

    Overworld dimensions

    Skylands dimensions

    Light Heavens

    Dark Heavens

    Fiery Heavens

    Cavern Lands

    Magic systems

    Races (humanoid and non-humanoid your choice, plus as many as reasonable per dimension.)

    A Lore historian or however many, (yes, you.) You can make your own lore or have someone else make some.

    Fauna for dimensions

    Plants for dimensions

    Gods if anyone wants, but those gods won’t be for everyone and won’t apply to all dimensions/planets/ regions.

    Here’s some stuff I made:

    A magic system of mine:

    (this is the “Halfing” magic system that I mentioned earlier.)

    A spell is carved or woven into an object that has two halves. These are called casting shells, and are usually made of terracotta as it is easily made, broken and reused. The spell is activated only when the object is broken torn or cut in near equal halves. Moreover, you cannot trick the shell by using magnets or Lego. It must be broken. The spell can also be disabled if the two halves are put back together. The spell will radiate outwards from the shell, and thus, you are able to focus spells by putting the shell in a container with a single exit barrel. These are called spell rifles or wands. All spells consist of these 5 actions recombined together differently:






    As you probably can imagine, Reverse with Animate would be Kill, Reverse with Levitate would be Fall, Reverse with Repair would be Destroy, and Reverse with Stabilize would be Destabilize. Reverse with Reverse would be Chance. (Reverse is the only self-effecting spell.)

    So say I wanted a paper-half airplane that would either hover in place following the barrel of my wand, or fall like a rock randomly, I would write on it with the symbol for Levitate once, and then write the symbol for Reverse twice. Now I have something that either sucks or is awesome. You get the idea.

    Animate/Kill is a contact spell where the thing being killed or animated has to be the shell or touch the shell as it breaks to receive effects. This is connected with the Breath of Life. Repair is also a contact spell but not Destroy which radiates. Repair cannot repair a Repair shell. That doesn’t include Destroy though.

    P.S. You can use this system to create golems using the Animate rune, but you are gonna need to either break your golem in half to animate it (in which case you’ll want at least 2 heads 4 arms and 4 legs to start with so it is complete on it’s own even if weirdly shaped after and before being broken.) or you will need to chuck an Animate shell at it. Same thing for first-aid and one-time-use self repairing shells/weapons

    someraces I made:

    Perfectly symmetrical aliens shaped like two headless humanoids fused in the middle that reproduce by splitting in half along their belly and then growing back the other half. (you can easily guess why I made these if you read the magic system.) Maybe you guys could suggest some stuff for them.

    Barrow also called the Scourge: I came up with these a long time ago and think that they are pretty cool: They are 18 armed cephalopod creatures that sit inside the skulls of a skeleton and then use their tentacles to puppeteer the skeleton as a “frame”. They drink blood and sometimes they will replace the brain of a living creature and the use it as a frame. As long as they can bore through it’s bones they can use it. They are, horrifyingly, into frame taxidermy as a form of fashion in many of their cultures.

    Omnicons: (again came up with these a long time ago.) They are like big black spider/cephalopod/humanoid alien creatures that are able to mildly shapeshift and are trans-human. (Trans-omni?)

    The Orcs from my thread “Can anyone help me with my universe I am building?” all cool and steampunk with firebending and stuff. (I’ll copy-paste stuff later.)

    A group of posthumans called “Humans with Asperger’s syndrome” or simply “Aspys” (I don’t need to ask because I am one.)

    (another from “Can anyone help me with my universe I am building?”)

    Bludgers are a race of mysterious origin, but many think they were once some Orc or Human like race that evolved to live in polluted environments. they have no hair, cruelly pointed ears, gray to gray-green to even paper white skin, and sharp teeth. They have a bitter nature, and they are carnivorous living off of nothing but flesh. They are well at home in space, and have adapted to breath carbon dioxide. they exhale pure oxygen and thus are a common sight on board ships in case of life-support failure (Bludgers and oxygen breathing races can recycle air and live in space for long periods of time this way). Bludgers also live in on-planet in cities with high levels of air pollution. Another adaptation to polluted environments and living in space is high resistance to radiation and toxins.

    Uthu is an Earth-like dimension (overworld) that is flat. Space loops in every direction giving the illusion that the plane is round or infinite, and the sun here orbits here north to south and underneath the plane, and because of these two things the sun is always farther away from you as you walk towards it similar to chasing a rainbow. There is a dimensional up/down but if something is heavy enough it will stick to the bottom of Uthu, (the Underside it is called). Many different creatures live here but many in the form of bird-like serpents with huge heavy tails to stay put. Some creatures here fly or cling as a means of staying on roof. The hanging forests here are what many creatures call home. Some brave few explorers have travelled the cave-systems and reached the Underside, as the caverns of Uthu have hives of metal-based crab-like creatures and things of same composition that are similar to giant centipedes. Also the heat of these caves are intense at 180° average.
    Uthu is also inhabited by a race of dwarves called Smoggets, and by a cruel race called the Bludgeon that discovered this dimension on accident and have very little luck getting out. (The way in is topside Uthu and the way out is Underside Uthu.) There is also a race of sapient metal-crabs that are called the Uthulian Titans.

    More later (if you reached the end of that.)
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    So... how does these work? What should I do or mention first?

    Anyway, whats up with the large gap?
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    Gap as in? Between writing stuff?
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    Yes, between some of the paragraph.
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    That is just to separate stuff so it feels a little less heavy which I know my writing can feel that way. Whatcha think? Of the idea of a group/community project?, or my new extra-spacey style of posting?
    And also you can start however and anyway that you want. :)
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    Oh... okay, okay, I understand.
    I guess it is a pretty great idea.
    Actually, it is not a bad style. It kinda ease my eyes when reading it.
    So, it is like adding stuff in to the universe, and it is up to our mind what it is, as long as it is not againts the universe rules?
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    2nd line: Thank you. It feels nice to make stuff as a group.
    3rd line: Yep. Designed it with a lot of testing. (I'm the guinea pig)
    4th line: Yes. As long as it makes sense somehow and has a way it works, it can exist. :)
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    Alright! I will add mine, or... contribute one.

    So, this one is a race I have been thinking. They are called "Zora."
    • Appearance: They are a sand-based humanoid. So they are made of sand. But sometimes also gravel and other sand-like materials. Their eyes are made of rock-like materials (it can be made of granite, diorite, and other bunch of rocks, and it is like the snowman to be precise), but it does have the purpose of eyes, like any other biological creature would do (how does it works, I don't know). Their hairs are also made of rocks, pieces of rocks held together to make a rock-like hair (or facial hair) appearance on their head. There is a chance that they don't have hairs (a.k.a. bald), but the females will always have hairs. The females tend to have longer and more heavier hairs than the males. Their ears... is not visible. So, it is like they don't have one, but they do can hear. In fact they can hear miles away. Their mouth is also not visible (they don't have lip). It become visible when they are talking, eating, or other activity that needs mouth to be open. When it opens, it can opens very wide (like a Floran, kinda creepy though). While for their nose... it is not only not visible, but they don't have one. Even though like that, they still need air to breath. They use their skin instead. Their body, of course, have a big difference. The male body has a shape... well, like a normal Human male would have, while the female has more like curvy shape, and that "thicc" thingy. Their genitals... ehhh... I don't think so I should explain this one. Explaining about the body shape has already make uncomfortable. The point is their... that... is not visible (don't ask me how does it works). Finally, they don't have teeth and nails (so don't ask them to open your chips or candies).
    • Habitat: They are most commonly found in the desert and mountanous area of the Uthu. But some of them can be found in the colder part of the Uthu. It is where the snow-like Zora can be found.
    • Diet: Even though, they are inorganic, they do still need to eat. They eat what other organic living thing would eat. They are an omnivore.
    • Culture: Most of them are desert dweller, so they have a middle-eastern-like culture. They usually wear robes and turban. Their building are mostly made of sandstone, and has middle-eastern architecture style. But there is an exception for the one that lives in colder biome. They more like to have Steppe culture, like the Huns and Mongols. Basically, it depends on where they live, but mostly are Middle-Eastern culture.
    • Additional fact about them:
    1. Their body can regenerate quickly as long as their heart is not damaged. But it only applies when they are dry. When their wet, they cannot regenerate at all. When their body got completely destroyed (for example got blasted by an RPG or got squashed by a Star Destroyer), they can regerate back if their heart is still intact and dry (if it is wet, it needs to be dried).
    2. They are an expert at spear and archery, but they are terrible at horse-riding (despite their Middle-Eastern and Steppe culture). Most of their warriors are consist of light infantry, and never cavalry and heavy infantry.
    3. Some of them can sand-bending. They use sand-bending to travel around the vast desert with their Desert Corvette, a huge ship which are used to sail across the desert by the Zoran. So, the sand-benders will create a small sand vortex and blow it out at the ship sails. Which then the ship can sails without the help of natural wind (actually, desert wind can't even move the ship, only the sand-benders can).
    I guess, that is some from me. I will add more details as soon as I can. Because I can't write all day. If there something wrong or maybe all of them are wrong, just say it to me. I will try to fix it.

    I hope more people are participating. Because it is more fun with more people.​
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    I hope more people participating too,
    This is actually really cool, I can imagine these guys in a battle with the Bludgeon, even though the Bludgeon have futuristic tech they would probably lose to these guys. And since the Zora are made of sand and rocks/gravel I assume they can move their heart, and if so, then they would be very unpredictable as to where you can kill them from. And they can they would probably win a fight with the Bludgeon.
    Nice work! I'm adding a race or two that came from the Underside soon, they're gonna be cool. I'm also gonna start working on a Hell dimension here pretty soon, I've got some creepy creatures in mind. . .
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    Alright, nice! I will add more details about them as soon as I have time to write.

    Anyway, the only way to kill Zora is by hitting right in to his/her heart... or... by using water. That way they can't regenerate, and you can target his/her heart easily once their body is destroyed.
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