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    Only my second original mob concept and my first completely passive mob, the needlenose is a small rodent about 60 cm (2 ft) long (30 of those centimeters are their tails) and long legs that make them stand up to the player's ankles - their bodies are thin, only half as thick as the player's feet! As a result, they weigh very little - only about 175 grams (or just over 6 ounces).

    Spawn - Spawns in deserts on or within 20 meters of rocky outcrops. Spawn in groups of 1 to 3. Relatively uncommon spawn.

    HP - The needlenose has 10 HP (or a tenth that of the player). It is sensitive to ice attacks and has average armor values: however, they have 10 SP.

    Attacks - ABSOLUTELY NONE. Yep, this little rodent is completely passive. However, if you approach within 4 meters of it, it will panic and start taking huge leaps away from you, randomly leaping from 2 to 10 meters in the air in earth-like conditions. Needlenoses with a fleeing comrade in their line of sight will also start to flee. Note that needlenoses are only a fifteenth as vulnerable to falling damage as most other creatures are.

    Movement - Walks awkardly on all four legs, similarly to a kangaroo, when passive. If alarmed, takes huge leaps in an attempt to flee from players.

    Importantly, this creature cannot swim. It compensates, however, by jumping much higher in water than on land.

    Behavior when tamed - This mob is impossible to tame without a metal trap. Metal traps will imprison curious needlenoses inside of them, and feeding them any sort of plant item while they are inside will tame them.

    When tame, needlenoses will hop behind the player. They are still completely passive and will flee if a hostile monster approaches within 4 meters of the player; however, they will sometimes use one of their special points to perform lure, which will take the hostile mob's interest off the player and will make it chase the needlenose until either it or the needlenose is dead.

    Drops - Quite a few drops come from a successful needlenose hunt, usually with a good gun. The most common is a bushy stripe, dropped from 75% of slain needlenoses. It serves no purpose but can be worn on a hat, similarly to a feather. 50% of needlenoses will drop Needlenose Legs, a food item. Needlenose legs can be eaten to restore 10 health points.

    The remaining drops are much rarer. About 3% of needlenoses will drop needlenose tails, which initially serve no purpose but can be dried into needlenose whips, which can be used as a weapon that deals 15 points of damage and can inflict stun (the target moves and attacks more slowly than usual for 5 to 15 seconds). About 1% of all needlenoses will drop desert incisors, which also initially serve no purpose but can be crafter into needlenose hatchets, which destroy sand blocks and vegetation very quickly! Finally, about .2% of all needlenoses will drop needlenose ears, which can be worn similarly to bushy stripes: unlike them, however, needlenose ears have a positive effect - player wearing them jump 50% higher.

    The needlenose.PNG
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    hehe, funny looking, almost look like a fox...could it be a "fox-mouse" or "mouse-fox"? *cough* *cough* anyway I think its sort of ok yes I will put into the game.
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    I like anything with a rodent in it!
    Also like how you used the logbook entry.
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    Would be interesting to see, so.. +1
    Plus the drawing was cute :3

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