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    You are walking through the forest, happiness is everywhere and birds are singing!
    Suddenly, your stomach grumbles. You're hungry! Quick, get something to eat!
    You scan the surrounding area and find a normal space-pig, enjoying some space-flowers.
    With a quick shot of your Laser-Rifle LX-3000 Special Edition, the space-pig lies on the ground.
    But then... his body starts to form weird shapes and... OH GOD! A giant black monster emerges from the pigs body.
    Death is quick and silent...

    This mob is an ancient creature from the depths of space that lives in the bodies of other creatures. These creatures rarely notice anything. If you kill the creature it's inside of, the Parasite emerges. The Parasite is about as strong as a mini-boss.

    But how do I know when something is infected?
    Well, sometimes you can see creatures with bulbs all over their body that disappear quickly. This is the Parasite moving. Also, you can do a full body-scan.

    Can I get infected?
    No, the Parasite can't survive in sentient creatures. The reason for this is unknown.

    Why would I bother this creature?
    Well, SCIENCE!! This creature is ancient, and it has lived in so many bodies, it must drop something awesome, right?
    It can drop: Ancient technologies, rare and useful materials/ores, and you can study some Parasite residue to find Parasites easier!

    Can Parasites infect eachother?
    No, this is not Inception!

    Comment and discuss!
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  3. Taylor

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    Surprises always welcome :)

    For some reason All I think of is this
    But black (Ditto from pokemon by the way)
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  4. Baku Vicen

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    Yeaaaah! Parasites!
  5. chucklesthesquirrel

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    This makes me think of a giant black lichen colony from spiral knights.

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