Mob The Plant Menace: Plantoids (Name Pending)

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    (Explanation in fan fiction/lore)​

    For those who receive this, time is not one my races side, by now we are already extinct, our planet has been invaded by horrible creatures, creatures I created. It all started with a gene fusion project I was working on, to invent the invincible plant, a plant that would grow in the harshest of places. Scorching deserts, cold tundras, slimy swamps, and anything that it would need to survive in, not only that but it would bear the sweetest most delicious nutrient packed fruits and vegetables, they would adapt to what needed to be adapted too. Everything was going perfectly, maybe it was just too perfect, and I got the genes ready for transfusion and I was unaware something else got in with the mixture. An insect maybe, but whatever it was it added something that I never planned on adding, intelligence. Now maybe it was just simple intelligence but that makes it worse, it could not be negotiated with. At the time I never know of this though or I would never have followed up on the plan, I only found out after the test planting that’s when everything fell apart. It seemed fine at first a small bud and I was famous, maybe if I wasn’t blinded by the attention I would have seen some characterizes that didn’t add up. Or maybe I did but thought that gene transfusion had randomness to it which is true after all. After a couple days I noticed how it grew faster than anything I could have possible imagined but of course my pride tricked my into thinking it was just how great I was, that what I make comes out better than I hoped.

    Then came the outburst, the first of the blasted things, this particular plant was a rare one after they became many. It shot out seeds that created others of them, being scientists we had no weapons except the relics we were analyzing, the weapons of our ancestors. They called them swords strange things, no plasma energy involved just wood and stone, and so we did the only sane thing we could. We grabbed arms and started hacking away, that only made it worse they adapted to what needed to be adapted. They grew thorns based on the weapons we wielded, and they grew more viney stems when they got hacked off… well it seems strange to call then thorns they were like full on swords. Eventually my comrades fell, and to be honest I didn’t stay and die the honorable way. I ran like the coward I am, or was in the case for you. The military came and did the smartest thing they could, they used bio-warfare after all plants could die from simple sprays. What came next was definitely unexpected even compared to the day I was having, the adapted yet again, they had their own little sprayers of their own. Highly toxic for that matter, the slightest whiff and you would be out cold and I don’t mean unconscious. So we after that matter we wouldn’t dare shoot them with plasma, or that was the plan until some idiotic rookie got scared and shot one. Then the worst came, they started to grow bulbs or plasma, they explode on impact. There was one option left, evacuate, and so we did, or tried at least. The creatures seemed to feed on energy and blood, our engines became dry and from there we all died. Well I did make the antenna to send this one message. That is the story, I would tell you more about my people but I see the vines from below the door. Farewell and stay far from her traveler...

    The Plant Menace
    Take a look at the lovely picture by Exaii​
    Basic Plantoid:
    Info: Strange genetically modified plant being.​
    Strengths: Adapts (Some say they lost that ability long ago)​
    Weaknesses: None for long​
    Average Health​
    Average Damage​

    Lunge: Some Plantoid can lunge very fast.​
    Stems: Stems can vary from 1-12 they can be on the same Plantoid head or be on different a Plantoid head.

    Plantoids share some common similarities to a flytrap (Classic I know.., although I guess they would share more in common with a Zelda Doku Plant I later realize) they are larger than most cows found on earth. Their vines act as a scorpions stingers would so they are not just floppy or limp. Most of their physical traits come from the biome they are in and the aspects of their vines. Their roots also act like the vines except they protrude from the ground, for quick stealthy assaults. The vines are commonly found studded with thorns and the roots are not, the are raw exposed... roots. Most plantoids have one to two heads (although they can have more) and a fair amount of vines, leaving it looking like a tangled mess. Plantoids can be rooted on the ceiling of caves and are commonly mistaken for normal vines. The plantoids sometimes suffocate their prey like an anaconda would. A plantoids color is chosen by the climates it lives in, although it will always have a greenish hue to it. Some plantoids have leavey vines and stems rather than thorny ones. More Soon*

    (Note Plantoids can have multiple heads and be the same plant the roots determine that)​
    Plantoid Vine/Stem:
    Info: Animated vines usually with weapons of such on the tips.​
    Strengths: Adapts (Some say they lost that ability long ago)​
    Weaknesses: None for long​
    Health Varies on Aspects​
    Damage Varies on Aspects​

    Thorns: Sharp dagger like points on the vines and on the tips of headless Plantiod vines.​
    Spewers: Small sacs on the end of Plantoid vines.​
    Tongued: Some Plantoid have spiny tongues that paralyze their prey.​
    Bulbs: Medium sized plasma bulbs that explode on impact.​

    Info: Every heard of the mythological creature called the hydra? Well yeah it's based on that, cut of a head and it'll grow another... your gonna have to deroot it or burn it.
    Strengths: Adapts, grows another get when beheaded​
    Weaknesses: Fire​
    High Health​
    Average Damage​
    Getting to the Root Of The Problem... Literally:​
    Killing a Plantoid's stems is hard enough, but its still not enough you have to deroot it if you don't want it coming back later, they grow back like plants maybe them hard to dispatch.​
    Check out a plantoid related boss! Caletropeczacic! (AKA the Acidic Tropical Cauliflower)
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    perhaps they could be to a floran what a gorilla is to a human?
    just a thought, don't mind me
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    What exactly do you mean? Could you elaborate? Also I will mind every comment I get!
  4. Dragrath

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    I think he is saying make them a Florian's brutish cousin... aka we are related to gorillas and Florians would be related to them... ect
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    Oh in that case, I'll see what I can do to edit lore and what not. Thanks in advance, in means a lot. I just have to becareful not to edit floran lore to much (or not at all) because that will reduce implementation chance.
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    Yum salad!
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    i love the art and think the mob is a wonderful idea!
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    I think this mob is a pretty good idea.
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    I was for sure it'd be like:
    The Plantem Menece...
    Aw well...
    Cool Idea!
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    I like it :>
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    Thanks everyone the support helps! Funny how pictures draw in people so much better than words. :p
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    iApprove. So much. Especially the plant bit.
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    nice art looks funto spread to other worlds... how to they handle Florians?
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    Can't make it so they ignore them so probably just eat them, they move so the plantoids like it :). Super late response. :rofl:
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    I love this. Even if your idea of the mob isn't made in exactly the way you describe it, it would be great if there was a quest-line surrounding this sort of thing.
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    well I suspect there will be man eating plants in star bound, I'm sure the devs have come up with some of these whats more alien that an walking carnivores plant :D

    also thats some late response... 0_o
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