Race The problem with most suggestions- my two cents.

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More racial suggestions need to be more creative and all around alien.

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  1. AldoKaido

    AldoKaido Starship Captain

    Maybe you shouldn't bump.
  2. AceZX57

    AceZX57 Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Well, the Novakids are made of gases, and they are actually being added to the game (you probably know). I think maybe a race of dogs, I know furry suggestions are common, but I don't mean slap an anthro dog down and slap a spacesuit on it, I mean, a legitimate race, with a complex culture, advanced tech and a good backstory. I have thought of some ideas, such as a race of dogs with a culture based off of the age of Imperialism (When european nations began conquering Africa), a european race of dogs. I might make a post for it, but the idea hasn't completely fermented in my mind yet.
    Too many people dismiss the furry ideas as "common", but they aren't, the ones that ARE common are ironically the ones people think aren't, because they think "Nobody would think of this, but they'd think of that". I have seen enough bug-type race posts I may have nightmares of being abducted by bug aliens. A lot of the furry ideas are well thought out. (Typically.)
  3. AceZX57

    AceZX57 Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Technically, you bumped it. I put two cents in, and your over here doing fancy magic of the godless, reviving the thread. It would not have become a thing again if you didn't reply to me ;P

    And now, ideas are forming and creativity is flowing. Darn it, look what I started ;P :)
  4. Ruti

    Ruti Big Damn Hero

    Just wanted to add in a thought I had when first reading this, that the creative process requires starting from some sort of concept or idea. It is well and good to say you want to create a truly alien species to play as, but you have to come up with some basis on which to model that species. It just so happens that various animals are convenient vehicles for that creative process, especially since a lot of people identify readily with certain animals. I will take it as a valid point that there ought to be some actual substance to the process after that, but that's true of any idea. If the only value of a species is that they are Animal X, people will bore quickly of it in general. If there isn't a lot of work put into designing the racial gear and decorations, the race will be sub-par. Not because the original idea was bad, but because it wasn't enough by itself.

    I myself happen to be a fan of the Avians, Felins, and Avali. The latter two are only mods, but have a lot of content and thought poured into them.

    As for suggestions to add to vanilla races, I doubt any of those will be considered high priority until the game is fairly complete, whatever the race concept might be. However, always neat to see ideas for special race mods..
  5. AceZX57

    AceZX57 Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Have you seen the Kemono race? Its a race mod, it adds a wolf/canine race into the game as a selectable race. The mod is still fairly under developement, in fact the only thing thats solid is the weapons for the race and the characters, the mod is by ODABUTSU. I am pretty sure its still in developement, currently it uses some default things, but it still is interesting.
  6. Ruti

    Ruti Big Damn Hero

    I will have to check it out. You're the first to mention it to me. But I dont get to talk Starbound much.
  7. AldoKaido

    AldoKaido Starship Captain

    All you do is say "I want furry" and then bitch.This thread only brings more flaming and I'm not surprised that your objective is to create some.
  8. Monochromegoggles

    Monochromegoggles Phantasmal Quasar

    I don't think you fully understand what he is saying.

    Aldo is making the point that you are necro-posting (that is: replying to a forum topic that has been inactive for upwards of a month or longer.)
    Necro-posting is highly frowned upon by forum communities because it makes inactive threads resurface when it is no longer necessicary or desirable for the issue to be brought up. You not only did this with one thread, but many.

    Also, a thread does not have to be stated as closed or locked in order to be considered dead.
    Please refrain from arguing any more in regards to the subject of necro-posting and be sure to check the final post made in any thread before replying to prevent necro-posting.
  9. Zaisher

    Zaisher Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    ....a race of people made of wa- oh who cares any more
  10. cyberspyXD

    cyberspyXD Tiy's Beard

    Being a necromancer is allowed if you what you posted was on topic and contributing to discussion.
  11. Zaisher

    Zaisher Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    thank you also what if they add it to the rules that you cant just make animal bipedal in the guide thing? I think it might help
  12. AceZX57

    AceZX57 Subatomic Cosmonaut

    You mean ban furry race suggestions? No. If anything, they should ban bug race suggestions. If you check the race suggestion thread, there are more similar bug ideas than furry races. Some of the furry ones are actually creative and interesting. Assuming that just because its something based off what we know doesn't mean that it isn't creative. I suppose a way to get my point across, just because a protein has a similar first amino acid doesn't mean its the same as all the others, there are 20 amino acids that build hundreds of types of proteins, which build even more things. (In other words, just because it starts the same as something, doesn't mean after a while it will be uncreative.)
  13. Peachy

    Peachy Star Wrangler

    The same argument could be made for bug suggestions. Either way furries and bugs both technically fall into "animals in space". I think the main difference between bugs and furries though is that bugs are a much broader category of life and leave a lot more creative freedom while furries are often a specific animal and are very restricted design wise. That's not even mentioning how most furry threads are nothing more than "I think starbound should have x animal" posts. The fact of the matter though is that while bug races exist to fill the one type of life starbound hasn't covered yet (which is why there are so many of them) from what I've seen most furry posts are self-serving. They want wolves in the game not because it'll make the game better, they want them just because they think wolves are cool. And I know you're going to say that there are good ones but let me give you an example. If every time you shook someone's hand there was a 90% they punched you in the face, would you still shake people's hands even though there was a small chance they wouldn't hit you?
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  14. Crispyballz

    Crispyballz Starship Captain

    Can't really say I like animal races. There are so many races based of animals and the idea itself is so uncreative. But then again, my race suggestion was stolen from native american culture, but in my opinion it sure as hell is more creative than "SPACEDOGS WITH LAZURS AND LE EPIC ANCIENT EMPIRE!" and crap like that. It's always that.
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  15. AceZX57

    AceZX57 Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Fair enough. But you are being just as biased as I am, but in the opposite direction. You said yourself, there are many posts relating to bug races. Which there are, however, they are uncreative, most are of scarab type bugs, which originate from a dessert planet and have a subterranean lifestyle and live underground. Good suggestions can be anything, its not a matter of what the appearance or character design is, but how interesting and influenced the creatures background is. And don't say that I am being biased, I look at many of the suggestions for races to see others ideas and help influence my own. I won't say that any suggestion is bad, even unorganized ones, or ones that are just stubs of an idea. All I argue, is that rather than assume someone slapped something familiar onto something because they liked it, assume they slapped something familiar down because it was a creative idea based around that. Saying that just because its a "common thought" it should be banned from being posted is ludicrous. From the furry suggestions I have seen, they are interesting (odd, definitely too). Fun fact, Avians are a furry race. One thats in the game. Just because something isn't completely foreign, doesn't mean it isn't a good suggestion for a race. If you say "Nothing familiar to that on earth" you narrow it down to a few odd, some good, but most nonsensical ideas. We naturally use things we know about in our writing and ideas, hence why someone who is religious may not accept sciance, or vice versa, or why someone would think of a race of primitive dogs, over a race of... something (I hit the wall of using what I know at that point). You shouldn't automatically assume a suggestion is bad, not until you have fully read it, whether it be an odd idea, or something familiar.
  16. AceZX57

    AceZX57 Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Don't assume an idea is bad just because its based off something familiar. Plus, often times the suggestions on these forums get expanded by the discussions in the comments. But my main point is, don't assume its bad just because its something familiar, like say a race of dogs. The only time its a bad idea is if it doesn't have a story behind it, and is simply, dogs in space. Even then, a background can form in the comments. Rather than exclude, improve. Most authors of race posts are willing to change things, add things, and accept ideas from other people. Don't exclude a post because it seems too familiar. If you see a post like that, where its just a simple idea for an appearance of a race, start a discussion in the comments about the races background and get some creative ideas rolling. Its a community, not a war. Support posts, and if you don't think its a good idea, thats your problem, don't say it publicly, don't denounce it, just move on to the next post and look at that.
  17. Peachy

    Peachy Star Wrangler

    I suppose there are quite a few insect races. If I counted correctly there are about 28. However I have no idea where you got the idea that they all fit under that catagory. And if they do that's most likely due to this thread:http://community.playstarbound.com/index.php?threads/well-whats-missing.17640/
    I'd say at most 5 bug races fall under that archetype. And even then two that do (The Arachneidi and Zaahir) are some of the best races on this forum and manage to be distinct visually and in tone.
    And once again I disagree with you on character design. Character design in a visual medium is everything. You're right when you say that a good suggestion doesn't have to be designed well, but let's be honest here, how many people do you know that would want a generic, bland and boring design to go with that backstory? A unique design adds to the overall feel of the race and helps get people interested. Believe it or not a ton of race suggestions have good backgrounds, so really while it is important it's not the part that people are most likely to remember about your race. Also you want me to not say you're biased... but you just admitted to being biased in your second sentence. And looking at other race suggestions doesn't make you less biased.
    And honestly I can't help but call bullshit on your next point. Stub ideas are SPAM, they take up space and almost never get expanded on because the author is too lazy or the idea was already in a different thread. And I didn't just assume that the OPs of these threads just wanted animals because they were cool, the OPs flat out state it:

    "i have statues of rabbit humanoids, would be cool if it was added as a playable race :D"
    "Any chance we could get a bunny race in the near future? Something that looks like those bunnies from that indie free running game, I forgot what it's called."
    "This is a must have feature for me and a couple of my friends, A fox would be best for me but also other types are best suited for my friends such as Huskies and Wolves. I hope you will consider this, It would take a lot of effort but I would be super happy if you did and would gladly donate to the cause. :)"
    There's a difference between submitting an idea you think is good, and asking to be pandered to. Stuff like this is why people are frustrated with furries.
    Stating that the Avians are a furry race doesn't help your argument that much. If anything there are people who think starbound is already over saturated by animal races and for them it's just another reason as to why starbound needs more variety.
    And no, no ones saying you have to do something completely foreign to earth as your race, because that's impossible. But you see, Earth is a big place with billions of different animals. So even if you'll never be able to come up with a true alien you can still craft creatures that feel alien. Look up rare animals, combine traits from different species, play with the number of eyes and ears, hell random generators are even useful sometimes! Honestly I'd take a race of bioluminescent, spiny nocturnal mammals with an obsession with fire over a race of warrior wolves any day. And that was just an idea I just came up with off the top of my head.
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  18. AldoKaido

    AldoKaido Starship Captain

    Wow it's like if I'm hearing myself talk from someone else's body...xD

    ^ What he said.

    EDIT: Do you guys know that...Art design is an actual JOB?

    It's like

    Something you need an actual degree for!


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  19. AceZX57

    AceZX57 Subatomic Cosmonaut

    I will admit you bested me. But that still doesn't mean you should completely ignore "furry" races just because they are "furry" races. There are some really dumb ideas out there yes, but thats not limited to the furry ones. Some of the furry ideas have some thought put into them, more thought than other posts. I am not just arguing for furry posts either, I am arguing that all posts that seem too similar. I have been trying not to self promote, but I posted one of my ideas for a race a few days ago. I put thought into, and take notice to the suggestions in the comments, and plan on reworking things and adding more. Sometimes a post starts as a bit of a stub, but ends up being a well-thought piece, and a valid race that could be added into the main game or by a mod. I don't actually think we should have all furry races, but I do believe there should be ideas out there that don't get excluded, modders may look at these posts and use them for mods. We shouldn't exclude any posts. Regardless of how "dumb" of an idea it seems. I feel there is a lack of familiarity within Starbound however, one more familiar looking race honestly wouldn't hurt. With 4 unique races, (soon to be 5 with addition of Novakids), it wouldn't hurt for there to be just one more familiar race in the lineup. As long as it has a solid backstory, decent sprites, and well thought background info.
  20. AldoKaido

    AldoKaido Starship Captain

    Ya no I don't want furry threads.

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