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  1. Cyanistic

    Cyanistic Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    (this is the best I could do with the name.)


    Not quite a mob as they can't harm you, but surely and obviously alive!

    As you all know the beta has been thrown out for all to test and if you've taken any time to dig deep enough you've probably noticed the little houses and light-posts!

    With all these little mini light-posts and all these little mini houses... Wouldn't it be neat to see little mini people running around as well?



    What the HECK is your MOB?
    Tiny little people

    What do they DO?
    Run around idly.
    Avoid anything that isn't another mini-person.
    Run towards a house and hides in it if they're fleeing from something bigger then them.
    Float (Swim) on water.

    What do they DROP?
    Pixels just like the houses and light-posts.

    Why do they EXIST?
    Atmosphere, mainly.
    A way of gaining more pixels in a comical way, much like the houses and light-posts.

    What do they LOOK like?
    Whatever works but based on the size of the doors on the house, they'd probably need to be 3 or 4 pixels high.
    So probably something like in the image above.

    What do you DO with them?
    Kill them.
    Toy with them.
    Avoid them.

    How do you KILL them?
    Shoot them.
    Hit them with melee weapons.
    Trample them with your feet.

    How do they SPAWN?
    The houses will spawn them slowly. Each little person will walk out of a house and venture out. Up to a limit.
    If there is anything near the houses, they will not come out. (This serves as an avoidance of farming houses for pixels and realism.)

    Other Things

    Look I made a crappy Christmas version of them!
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  2. Freezair

    Freezair Pangalactic Porcupine

    Seconded, so much! I just found a planet with a "miniature city" layer only last night, and while I loved the atmosphere, it made me wonder where all the tiny people were. It'd be fun to see them appear! And it might be interesting if a whole bunch of them could mob you and do damage to you as a huge whole, kinda King Kong-style.

    I confess, I'd also love to be able to take the tiny houses and tiny lampposts with me as decorations... Pillaging the cities of the innocent just to kit my ship out with cool goodies, S'what I do.
  3. Cyanistic

    Cyanistic Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I originally felt this way too, the idea of taking the houses with me as well as the light posts just seemed so cool. But with the abundant amount of them, they lost their luster rather quick.
    Aside from that, it adds to the desire to NOT destroy the houses so you can run into them the next time you do come down. To make finding them something truly unique that you'll never be able to control. Like a majestic bird or butterfly scaling the skies much out of grasp and yet there they are swimming on air living so peacefully and gracing you with their flighted dances.
    (That and hitting their houses with fucking pickaxes would probably lead to destruction.)
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  4. Freezair

    Freezair Pangalactic Porcupine

    Well, you can hit everything else with pickaxes to pick it up just fine. :p Although to travel around the entirety of the mini-cities, you usually gotta destroy 'em anyway since they're in caves you need to dig between, which means killing some of their nice brick roads. Well, it did for me, anyway.
  5. Xanglaeus

    Xanglaeus Space, The Final Frontier

    Why not ?

    Can we pick them and cook them ? :D With pasta ? :D
  6. Cyanistic

    Cyanistic Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Floran do not like taste of pixels. Floran prefer meat.

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