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Does Starbound need a reptilian race?

  1. Yes.

  2. Of course!

  3. I can't say no.

  4. Stop it with the 'Yes' poll choices already, my answer is 'No!'

  1. Salrith

    Salrith Subatomic Cosmonaut

    So! There are presently four revealed races, and two unknowns. At this point, it's probably pretty likely that the two unknowns are already fully developed and done, with only some minor polishing needing.
    However, everyone has preferences for races, and Sal'rith's are reptiles, even if they only make it into a post-release update or some such.

    Since Starbound presently has a critical lack of reptillian races (at least publicly known about ones), Sal'rith decided to go and make one!
    However, not being much of an artist, the best Sal'rith could do was to make sprites, and histories and mock up screenshots.
    So without further ado, the Reptigorians! (Or some other better name; Sal'rith was overtired when he decided.)

    The Reptigorians

    The Reptigorians are a race of lizard-like creatures notable for their wildly varying colouration and esoteric style of technology. Their bodies have a significant amount of cartilage compared to humans, and while this makes them much more flexible, it also reduces their strength.

    Male and female Reptigorians are very similar, however females are usually lighter coloured and lack horns. During early life, it is nearly impossible for a non Reptigorian to tell the difference, as horns do not grow for several years.

    Reptigorians come in many colours. Females lack horns, and while either gender can be any colour, females tend to be more commonly lighter in colour and weight* than males.
    * - Not entirely true, however OHSC requires the following warning be placed: Do not ever state that Reptigorian~ females are not of lesser weight. Failure to comply may result in mental anguish, pain, divorce, and having your bedroom floor covered in the most painful legos ever produced.
    ~ - This applies to females of all races.

    What Reptigorians lack in strength, they make up for in knowledge. Reptigorian society is centred around advancement and information, however not on the same level as the Apex. As such, they are often lured by knowledge to folly. The Reptigorians have a saying: 'As alluring as an unlabeled switch'.

    A Reptigorian professor discusses tabletop dancing with his Apex friend. Not shown: anything cool.

    The Reptigorians began on a relatively hot world known as Mitaru, where they suffered long periods of volcanic activity. Many migrated onto an island chain, where they first began to develop. For this, all Reptigorian settlements are called 'islands'. Hiding away from the unstable lands where lava regularly erupted outwards and ruined any settlements they constructed there, the Reptigorians slowly grew in knowledge. They became seafaring, and though have since risen - and fallen - in technology, have always relied on fishing.

    Over several hundred years, the Reptigorians advanced at a breakneck pace. Spurred by a desire to tame the seas, by the time they had filled all available safe islands, they possessed digital technology and atmospheric control to a degree that they need not fear volcanic activity any longer, either.
    Shown here: A Reptigorian yawning sympathetically for the reader about how terribly boring this section is.
    Moving to the mainland they delved into the volcanoes that dotted the land in order to tame them, but they found other things in them - volcanic crystal and glass. Volcanic crystal provided inspiration for their next technological advancement, moving them into a realm of data storage by crystal lattice manipulation. By the time two more centuries had passed, a typical Reptigorian computer was a single crystal that responded to touch, sound and, in some of their more proud cases, even thought.

    A Reptigorian with a typical light crystal. Note from management: remember to photoshop in a background, then remove this note before publishing.
    However, it was not to last. Although all Reptigorian knowledge was held sacred and safe behind innumerable cryptographs, the technology still existed commonly. With such incredible power available at almost every Reptigorian's fingers, it was less than a century before the development of nigh-uncounterable weapons, and even less time before one was used. The event has been referred to ever after as the Shattering of Reptigorian civilization. The details of the cataclysm that occurred have been lost to time - along with almost everything else of the Reptigorians' craftsmanship.

    Reptigorians lost almost all of their knowledge to the resulting destruction, and to this day have only a shadow of their once splendid civilization. However, Reptigorian technology still imitates their old grandeur, with most incorporating some crystalline elements or design.

    A Reptigorian male in armour. The individual shown here displays a standard Reptigorian combat helmet; Retaliatory Shoulder Guards(tm) complete with crystal spikes, DuraGrip Gauntlets, and a custom-fit set of body armour protecting the torso, upper legs and feet. Not for retail sale.

    One of the most notable is the Reptigorian generator. Although the science behind it is indecipherable to even modern Reptigorians, one of the factories which built them still exists, supplying power to the civilization everywhere.

    An inactive (left) and active (right) Reptigorian Pre-Shatter Reactor. OHSC requires the following warnings to be given: Do not look at the Reptigorian Pre-Shatter Reactor when active. Do not look at the Reptigorian Pre-Shatter Reactor when inactive. Do not touch the Reptigorian Pre-Shatter Reactor. Do not call the Reptigorian Pre-Shatter Reactor names. Failure to comply may result in bruises, abrasions, cuts, death, and urinary tract infections.

    Today, Reptigorians make a study of everything. They are very fond of the Apex for their shared qualities, though the relation is not always mutual. Their settlements tend to be friendly to most, always interested in trading something for new information they no longer know, or items which may help them find some. They prefer clever combat to brute force, and often trap their protected areas, or else disguise them. One trick favoured for simplicity is having a temple with little in it but running water or acid, draining through an opening - and then hiding objects of value down the 'drain' in the real storage chambers.
    A generated image of a Reptigorian temple. Shown here is a Reptigorian within the treasure area. On the ground floor, two 'token pots' are present to satisfy any would-be looters, while a mixture of rare Light Crystals and torches illuminate a Reptigorian head carving, from which a stream of acid pours. Note from Sal'rith: This dungeon was made by taking apart the information on this page -- http://playstarbound.com/dungeon-generation/ In the image gallery down below is the template for this dungeon. Sal'rith would have replaced the background with sky, the pink with ground and the bright green with acid, but he not have sprites good enough for that. Apologies for terrible picture, it is best Sal'rith can do. Also apologies for using the Floran(?) tileset, didn't want to make an entirely new tileset so early.
    In all, the Reptigorians are a race who are aware that they were once much more profoundly wise and powerful than they are today. For this, they strive to reacquire knowledge almost to the point of folly. Often they enter deals for information where, after they supply their goods, find out the other party had no information to give. Their almost jealous guarding of knowledge also makes them difficult to communicate with at times, as they regard information as a commodity - giving it away for nothing is always a valuable donation.​
    Positives: Clever, strategic, friendly
    Negatives: Gullible, reluctant to give information freely
    Likes: Knowledge, crystals, fishing
    Dislikes: Stupid people, reptile-hide fashion accessories, Justin Beiber
    Homeworld: Mitaru (highly magmatic, with 'safe' island chains)
    Biomes: Tropical; island; temperate
    Characteristics: Crystalline themed technology; knowledge-seeking

    Image Gallery
    Shown here is an alternative design of Reptigorian made after Zain Hallows asked for more definition. We don't know what 'definition' means, but we took the time to beat up a few Reptigorians with a 'dictionary' - whatever that is - until they bruised all funny colours. Any better?​
    The Reptigorian sample temple, along with its template sprite. Or should we say, temple-ate sprite! Ha ha h--*goes to hell*​
    A mocked up screenshot taken from the official Starbound gallery. Here can be seen what is known as a 'Mexican stand off'. You can tell it's Mexican as they are fighting over a burrito (not shown)*.​
    * - Sal'rith apologize for being a terrible person.
    Shown here: a Reptigorian female in a variant Combat Armour(tm) standing with a mysterious koala bunny. Note the koala-bunny's extremely large koala nose and relatively small nostrils. You shall never unsee that.​
    Here can be seen several Reptigorians and their terrible fashion sense. Support their creation so that they can exist long enough to develop proper fashion!
    A catalogue of almost all presently-existing Reptigorian clothing. Support this suggestion - and thus their existence - so that this list may expand into better looking items!​
    A sample of Reptigorian architecture. Note the distinct lack of it. This is because the maker is unskilled and needs inspiration. Inspire him with support!​
    Forum member Dairuga featuring his incredibly cool Create-a-Hat contest entry, the Omnivisor. Seriously, it might not be super flashy, but it's awesome still. Go look!​
    So, this is not very likely to become a race at launch no matter how much support it gets, as sad as Sal'rith is to say that -- but Sal'rith very much thinks a reptilian race would be awesome. So, support this, and maybe it might make it into a later update, or at least show the developers that such a race is wanted!
    If you don't want such a race, then Sal'rith sighs at you. And then acknowledges that you have your own opinion. Because Sal'rith is legally obligated to.
    Thanks for reading!
    PS - Sal'rith sorry for not spoilering the image gallery, no matter what he try, it kept coming up with -two- spoiler tags side by side, one with nothing in it at all. Very odd.
    Update! 29/11/2012 Revamped everything, now they should look a little less terrible.
  2. Mixra-Flamvell

    Mixra-Flamvell Space Hobo

    Jeebus, why isn't this thread getting more attention?? Seriously, this race looks -awesome-. They all look really cool, and so many accessories to choose from! I'm really partial towards reptile races, myself, so I would absolutely love it if they were included in the actual game. The idea of the temple is rather ingenious. Great backstory you've created for them too - you've really poured a lot of thought into this race, which is why I must reiterate, people, y u no comment?? Come on, they even dislike Justin Bieber, how can you not think they're lovable?

    But yeah. I fully support this, and I'd love it if you kept creating stuff for them. This cannot get noticed fast enough!
  3. Zain Hallows

    Zain Hallows Existential Complex

    its okay. the sprites are well made but need more...deffinition!
  4. Salrith

    Salrith Subatomic Cosmonaut

    More definition? Howso? More story and history? Sal'rith thought he would bore people if he went on too long with that. Add more?
  5. Zain Hallows

    Zain Hallows Existential Complex

    not the story! your sprites! they are very....undefined. then need more shadows/highlights and maybe the shape of the head? or the horns....they look off. still good art tho!
  6. BrutorDragon

    BrutorDragon Tiy's Beard

    Has reptile kinda in the name? I love it already. Murky Dragon, King of Dragons (me) approves of this!
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  7. SteelRaptor53

    SteelRaptor53 Void-Bound Voyager

    Finaly a race that fits my username.
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  8. Salrith

    Salrith Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Yes! And, Zain, how about this?


    Sal'rith isn't the best at art and stuff, and how to make them more... Defined kind of escapes him right now. But splitting colours for the stomachs does have a nice ring to it.

    And glad to hear so, Raptor *Grins*
    Also, Sal'rith add new design to Image Gallery for you, Zain.
  9. Dairuga

    Dairuga Void-Bound Voyager

    Well, shit. Those underbelly colourations is a really nice addition, I will have to add. I must also thank for shamelessly adding me to your post like that :I Shameless advertising are go, I suppose.
    As for the definition part, the colours do seem to merge into eachother. Perhaps creating a starker definition of the dark colouration on the lighter colouration would help differentiating things? The yellow ones look good, as does the white. The red and blue ones, however, seem rather like their blues flow into eachother. The updated definition and splash of secondary colours help a lot, however, and makes it look rather grand.

    I do think what Zain meant to convey was the that tails and horns and shape of the head do not stand out too much. Not that it is necessary, given how hard it would be to correctly shape a head in the shape of a reptile with so few pixels, and still retain a consistent head-to-body ratio, with the same to be said for the tails.

    Personally, it looks grand. Starbound needs more lizards / Dragons / Scaly creatures of all sorts.
    I still staunchly believe the king of dragons is Bahamut, however.
  10. Salrith

    Salrith Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Hmmm. Sal'rith work on that now! COMMENCE REVAMP!
  11. Salrith

    Salrith Subatomic Cosmonaut

    All revamped and done up and such. How is that?
  12. bbbg

    bbbg Pangalactic Porcupine

    *Wonders why there are so few replies*
    *Realizes the suggestion is actually really new*
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  13. ChaoticGamer

    ChaoticGamer Master Astronaut

    For my answer, maybe. It depends how well allies, and did I say making babies with other races or have any rules against any that may offend them?
  14. Salrith

    Salrith Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Sal'rith doesn't quite understand what ChaoticGamer is asking... Could you rephrase that, please? Then maybe Sal'rith can answer better! :)
  15. ChaoticGamer

    ChaoticGamer Master Astronaut

    Have you not heard races's rules? For example, take a dragoknights start dating a human and the clan forbid for dragoknights date a human and worst punishment is death or either stay in prison for life example for rules. So is there any rules this races follow by?

    To the second part of rephrasing about making babies. Yea how these reptigorians lay their eggs at or where they put them at?
  16. Salrith

    Salrith Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Ah! Probably not. They are a very knowledge seeking race, so very curious. So inter-species encounters would probably be fairly common - and so not all too likely to be taboo.
    Sal'rith would think that they have nothing against them, however he doubts that such couplings would ever be fertile.

    As to mating and eggs and such -- when a Reptigorian female lays her eggs, they are cared for in a nest of the most dazzling crystal that can be found. If none can be found, they use glass. The glass is kept warm by intense light most of the time, refracting into pretty colours, so that neither female nor male needs to be present all the time (letting them do what needs to be done elsewhere). When the eggs hatch, the first thing they see are all the colours and the crystal, which is perhaps why most Reptigorians strive for crystalline styles in their architecture and technology.
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  17. Epicface

    Epicface Heliosphere

    My god.... I love this more then any Glunaught O_O
    ( No offense Glunaught maker, I still love them :) )
    honestly, I love the idea of this race. People think that dragons in a sci fi game doesnt make sense, but you made it so :O
    Can I have permission to add this to my sig? I'll say I didnt make it, and for ppl to support it, I assure you.
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  18. Salrith

    Salrith Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Sal'rith will even make EpicFace custom Reptigorian sprite if (s)he wants! (He or she?) You just made Sal'rith's night :DD So, yes!

    Still, Sal'rith is glad that you like them so much. Hopefully something like them gets in one day!
  19. bbbg

    bbbg Pangalactic Porcupine

    *Unlikes so he can like again*
  20. Epicface

    Epicface Heliosphere

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