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The return of the performance problems( at least for me )

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by Another Kevin, Aug 7, 2016.

  1. Another Kevin

    Another Kevin Phantasmal Quasar

    Well. Short summary :

    1.0 : Freezes every few steps, high latency in singleplayer, freezes when creating a character, freezes when loading a character, endless loading screens. Freezes when opening doors.

    1.1~1.4 : Even though there were no patch notes that said "Optimization for everyone !! " , the game somehow ran better than before. Less freezes, way shorter loading times, etc.

    1.5 : 30 minutes in, trying to get my character out of the tutorial because a mod failed to load once for another character ( thanx Workshop) , thus my character was left with a ton of generic items in every inventory slot.

    - Wanted to delete my old character, game froze, manually deleted him in the player folder.

    - Created a new character , pressed his player slot, froze for ~10 minutes, i closed the game.

    - Created a new character after clearing /player and /universe. ~7 minutes of loading screen, i closed the game.

    - Clicked the character again, got into the intro mission, screen froze when my character was in bed, had to close the game.

    - Entered the intro mission again, dog in the right upper corner keeps running on spot, interacted with door, game froze. Waited a while, it caught itself again. Freezes every few steps though. Closed the game.

    (Specs :Windows 7 Professional 64x
    AMD Phenom II X4 955 3.19 GHz
    ( could be the cause? I heard lots of bad things about the Phenom at this point.)
    4GB Ram
    GFORCE GTX 650 Ti )
  2. Silverforte

    Silverforte Spaceman Spiff

    I have an i5 with 8 gigs memory and an SSD and I get stuttering every here and there, mostly when I play with other people and I go anywhere near them. It'll freeze for one full second until the person is rendered and then not do it again until I've moved away from them and come back. FPS drops near too many entities as well. I don't think they *can* make the game run any better than it currently does.
  3. Another Kevin

    Another Kevin Phantasmal Quasar

    Meh, when we came up with it earlier in development, they just replied: optimization will happen at full release, bois, cuz now we wanna make the content, later we'll focus on optimization.

    And now i'm sittin here and the game runs worse than ever while it ran best in early access. That shouldn't be a thing , and by far the worst part about it is that their 5 patches don't even adress this issue.

    Edit: One problem with this is that not everyone is having this issue. I guess it's a problem with specific hardware . What bums me out though is the fact that I (like many others) can easily run up-to-date games with ease while Starbound runs like a beaten up dog at the moment.

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