Mob The Same kind of Mobs should as a Pack while they are Attacked

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    This is already in game with the NPCs, but is not for the monsters, and is really weird that you attack one pasive Mob while theres a bunch of the same kind in the same place, and the others do nothing for prottect hem, they just act normally like nothing is happening, even the animals in the real life act like packs while they are being attacked.


    -Make the Mobs of the same Kind act like a Pack, that mean, if theres 3 Mobs of the same kind next to each other, and one see you or you attack one from far, the other ones that are close are going to come after you anyway.

    -Is not necesary that all of them act like that, for example, some agresive mobs can just ignore this, and some pasives instead of attack you, are going to run from you if you kill one of them.


    -Will make the mobs act like real animals instead of act so false

    -There will be more to learn in each planet, like: Which mobs attack in Pack?, which ones run from you?, and which ones attack individually?, so will be more insteresting instead of just ask ''this one dont attack me, so the rest are agresive, ok done i know everything''.

    -Will make you think twice before hit one pasive Mob, cause the rest are going to come after you.
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    The title have one mistake, sorry about that, i would like to read some comments about this suggestion
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    Bump! i would like to read some comments
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    Good idea.
    But not all animals IRL act as a pack.Some spesies could act like they do now

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