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  1. BluPixelz

    BluPixelz Aquatic Astronaut

    Alright this npc is the space hobo. It can be found on any planet. It is a vendor npc, and is never found in the same place twice. Consider yourself lucky if you find one. After using it once, it will disappear again and appear at another random planet. When you click on it, it will ask for food ( like all hobos ) and if you give it to him, then depending on what you give him, he will give you an item. It can be common, valuable, or super valuable. It can give anything because its a hobo and its been to many places.

    EDIT: Trading with, not using :rofl:
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  3. I don't even want to know what "using" a Space Hobo is ...
  4. Twig Arcane Empires

    Twig Arcane Empires Sandwich Man

    Interacting with a hobo.... buying from him.... using
  5. Twig Arcane Empires

    Twig Arcane Empires Sandwich Man

    does he wear rubbish clothes and have a messy grey beard?
  6. BluPixelz

    BluPixelz Aquatic Astronaut

    yes, that was what im hoping for
  7. Argthrond

    Argthrond Oxygen Tank

    That sounds just like the Hobos in the Binding of Isaac. :p
  8. Twig Arcane Empires

    Twig Arcane Empires Sandwich Man

    yes! get in!
  9. Tleno

    Tleno Spaceman Spiff

    Well, from all I know, space hobos are already confirmed for Starbound :DD
  10. Lachee

    Lachee Existential Complex

    Sorry, but didn't the forum entry say no space hobos?

    I like the idea of spce hobos, but I think they have already been mentioned and are past their days.
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  11. Supagriff

    Supagriff Astral Cartographer

    Does Space Bum sound better?
  12. Ado

    Ado Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

    Space people with no money!
  13. Anchorshag

    Anchorshag Tentacle Wrangler

    You are breaking the forum EULA oh gosh! :O
  14. Xots

    Xots Industrial Terraformer

    They need to include hobo's who just don't give you anything.
  15. BluPixelz

    BluPixelz Aquatic Astronaut

    oh, sorry didnt see that, could someone remove the thread?
  16. brightonmorris1

    brightonmorris1 Void-Bound Voyager

    *space hobo approves!*

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